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‘Rocky’ star Dolph Lundgren, 65, marries second wife in Greece – and you won’t believe her age

Dolph Lundgren, the actor best known for his roles in Rocky IV (1985) and Creed II (2018), is officially off the market. Sorry ladies…

The 65-year-old Swedish actor wed his second wife, Norwegian personal trainer Emma Krokdal, in an intimate ceremony at their villa in Mykonos, Greece.

The wedding took place on July 13, and the couple shared their joyous moment with close family and friends.


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The pair haven’t been stranger to various challenges throughout their relationship – including the impact of the pandemic and difficult medical treatments, which led them to postpone their marriage plans multiple times.

However, recently they finally felt that it was time to celebrate their love, life, and happiness in Mykonos, one of the most beautiful places on Earth and often referred to as the “land of the Gods.”

This union marks the second marriage for Lundgren, who was previously married to interior designer Anette Qviberg from 1994 to 2011. The pair share two daughters, Ida, 27, and Greta, 21.

Ida later took to Instagram to post snippets of the romantic day and celebrations – with heartwarming images featuring Dolph and Emma donning wedding rings and radiant smiles as they sealed their love for each other.

In one particular video, a small group of people joyfully danced and sang by an infinity pool, while fireworks lit up the night sky in celebration of the special occasion.

Credit / Instagram – Ida Lundgren

Lundgren and Krokdal announced their engagement in June 2020, which came as quite a surprise to many people – especially because the pair have a whopping 39-year age gap… Emma is 26, one year younger than Lundgren’s eldest daughter.

Despite the significant age difference, Lundgren has often expressed his admiration for Emma’s ability to handle life’s challenges and her unwavering support during his secret battle with cancer, which he spoke about earlier this year.

Lundgren – whose film credits include He-Man (1987), The Punisher (1989), and The Expendables (2010) – revealed that doctors first found a tumor in his kidney eight years ago. After its successful removal, scans over the next few years were “fine”, before his situation worsened again in 2020 when an MRI found “more tumors”.

“[There was a] tumour in my kidney and they took it out in 2015 […] but then they did a biopsy and it was cancerous,” Lundgren explained on In Depth With Graham Bensinger.


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During that same interview, Lundgren expressed his gratitude for his new bride, whom he says helped him immensely. Although he noted that the age difference is “severe,” he added that he has “been with people that are twice her age [who are] less mature than she is.”

“I feel like Emma is very mature for her age, for sure. She’s had an interesting life. She came over here from a small town in Norway,” he continued. “She was married here, and she went through a difficult divorce and went through a lot of stuff that most young people her age don’t have to deal with.”

“So she’s quite mature and at the same time, I think I’m quite youthful,” Lundgren remarked.

Throughout his health journey, Krokdal stood by Lundgren’s side, offering unwavering support and care during the challenging times. Her presence was a source of strength, and Lundgren expressed his deep appreciation for her love and angelic presence in his life.

I think a congratulations are in order for the happy newlyweds!


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