Dog Walks 125 Miles With ‘Tears In Her Eyes’ To Find Owner Who Abandoned Her

Dogs are not something we deserve, to put it simply. A recent tragic case included a dog that traveled 125 miles to return to the home she had known after being brutally abandoned just a few months after being purchased.

Bull mastiff breeder Alla Morozova in Novosibirsk, Siberia sold a couple Manora, or Maru, while she was still a five-month-old puppy.

Maru’s owner informed the kennel six months later that she was no longer wanted since she was “allergic” to her.

The couple put Maru on a train with a guard so they could take her back to her breeder.

Yet the train ride turned out to be a terrible and unpleasant experience for Maru. The unfortunate dog had a panic attack as the train came to a stop 125 kilometers from her home in the Achinsk station.

According to breeder Morozova, the dog jumped on the compartment door, kicked the handle to open it, and almost pushed the conductor aside. She burst through the door. The moment the platform door opened, she fled into the darkness.

Maru was unhappy and simply wanted to return home, thus she was oblivious that she was being abandoned.

Maru exited the train without looking back.

The information that Maru had disappeared was sent to her previous owners, but Morozova was told that they were uninterested and didn’t want to deal with her in any manner, much alone want to look for her.

Instead, they lacked any emotion other than indifference.

“It made me angry. The owners weren’t at all upset since the dog is gone and that’s alright. They responded in that way, according to Morozova. As they gave the dog away, a burden was lifted off their shoulders.

Morozova immediately began seeking for Maru.

Maru was eventually found not far from her previous home after over 48 hours of looking for her owners.

She had been moving about by walking and jogging for 2.5 days. Thankfully, she was not gobbled up by wolves or bears, added Morozova.

Maru was discovered to be in a bad condition. She even seemed to be crying.

She was found by volunteers in a business area. The dog was exhausted. She was paralyzed and had broken paws. The pads have sustained damage. Her muzzle was shattered. Morozova said Maru left the railroad embankment.

She wanted to go back home, therefore she didn’t run to Novosibirsk, the woman continued. It was surprised that she made the right choice.

All of Maru’s wounds are finally being treated. Maybe she will find a loving home soon and get the care and love she needs. All of our well wishes and love are being sent to Maru for her future and recovery.

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