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8 year old comes to school with frozen head, when teacher looks even closer his heart breaks

Attending school is important for every child. It’s a place for them to learn and prepare themselves for their futures.

But sadly there are millions of children around the world who can’t go to shool, or are forced to go in terrible conditions.

This photo of a Chinese boy with a frozen head on his way to school is spreading accross the internet like wild fire. It’s impossible not to be moved by it – and I felt it was important to share this image and take a moment to reflect.

8 year old Wang Fuman lives in Xinjie province in China.

Since his mom left him and his dad was forced to move to a big city to work, the boy has lived with his grandmother.

Wang Fuman now lives 3 miles away from his school, which means he has to walk for hours each day just to get there and back. And since winter has drawn in and the temperature has plummeted, it’s been even tougher than normal for Wang to make his way to school. The temperature often plummets to -9 degrees celcius.

Spread like wildfire

The principal at the boy’s school decided to post some photos to social media to show the tough conditions that many of his students live with.

And the final photo that the principal uploaded of Wang Fuman has spread like wildfire. The photo shows how the little boy’s head is completely frozen. His eyebrows are frozen and his cheeks are burning from the cold. The principal explains that the boy decided to walk to school in the extreme weather because he had a test, reports Noticias Caracol. 

Wang Fumanreally shows how disciplined he is and how much he cares about his education. I truly hope that these photos can lead to him getting a little help, so that he can get to school without such challenging conditions.

All children deserve to go to school, and all children should be able to make their way there in tolerable conditions. Please share if you agree.

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