Young boy visits mom’s grave with flowers and homework – what he does next has the internet in tears

I remember how when I was a young child, I believed my parents would live forever.

Shielded by the innocence of youth, I could not possibly fathom a world where my mom and dad weren’t around. Nor could I comprehend the idea that other children didn’t have a mother or father.

As children, we so often take the presence of our parents for granted. It isn’t so much a gift as it is a given; why would they not be there to hold and to love us, to protect and provide?

Sadly, though, there are kids – a good many, I might add – who for reasons out of their control grow up without their mother or father. Sometimes both. For these poor, little souls, the profound sense of grief must be a cruel weight to bear indeed.

For one young boy from Mexico it certainly is, in any case. One of his visits to his mom’s tomb was captured on film and has left the internet in floods of tears. When you read on below, you’ll see exactly why…

The video in question was uploaded to TikTok last year, and documents a boy’s visit to his mother’s tomb after school.

He can be seen walking around the headstones until he finds his mom’s resting place, before laying a bouquet of flowers and appearing to pull out his school homework from his bag to show her.

After reading her his homework, he talked to his mother for a while, head bent and hands placed on the tomb so that he could be close to her.

Later, the boy lay down and fell asleep by his mother’s tomb. According to heartbreaking reports, he was eventually woken up by a man doing the rounds to let people know the cemetery was closing.

Credit / Youtube.com – Camilo Morales Droguette

The boy promptly got up, said his goodbyes, and left the cemetery.

Unsurprisingly, the tear-jerking footage was enough to move the internet to tears. After being uploaded to TikTok, the boy’s visit to his late mother’s tomb garnered 1.9 million likes and over 12,000 comments.

One TikTok user, Cesar Ramirez, commented: “It scares me so much to know that one day we are all going to feel that great pain :(”

Another user, Sergiotemotiva, wrote: “This is where I get out of bed and tell my mom how much I love her.”

A third added: “I never cry but it hurt me a lot to see him like this when he was little, and that he already had to put up with that.”

@flamss_1 🙁 #parati #foryoupage #zyxcba #sad #triste #diadelasmadres ♬ sonido original – Flavia 🙂

The video also found its way to YouTube, prompting hundreds of further comments of commiseration.

I think we can all agree that this footage is utterly heartbreaking, but it serves as a reminder of the undying love between child and parent.

Always remember that our days on this Earth are numbered, and that you never know when the day will come when your life, or the life of a loved one, will end.

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