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Wife Discovers Husband’s Mistress And Sends Her A Hilarious Thank You Letter

When we are in a romantic relationship, we expect everything to go as perfectly as possible.

We understand that problems are going to happen but we try to get through them with each other and to stick with each other through thick and thin. There are times, however, when the absolute worst can occur and that is what happens when a mate is unfaithful.

This type of affair can absolutely be devastating and can cause everything from depression and low self-esteem to trust issues.

As far as the other person is concerned, it is one of the worst things that you could possibly do to somebody who cares for you. They have placed their trust in you but now, you have denied the trust and you may never be able to gain it back again. That is why it is no surprise when people have rather strong reactions after finding out that their significant other is cheating. They tend to get violent and go absolutely crazy. Sometimes, however, they do things that make us all applaud and that is what this woman did when writing an open letter on Facebook.

Melanie started the open letter by thanking the mistress for saving her and her kids from such a horrible man.

She then starts to break down the rules that will have to be followed by the mistress. She labels her husband as a ‘prize’ but she lets the mistress know that the money is hers.

She also says that he will need some clothing because he magically disappeared into a ‘massive black hole’ when she discovered the love bites.

That is when things take a rather unusual and unexpected turn. She says that her husband will have limited contact with the children and the mistress will have none.

We can only imagine what the mistress was thinking when she read this. Suddenly, this man was being outlined in a way that she may not have thought of before.

She obviously put a lot of thought into this letter and we can almost feel the shame that they would experience when reading it.

It can be difficult to deal with something once you realize you were wrong.

She may not have regretted things before she read this but she certainly is now!

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