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The parents are over 5 ft 11 tall, but when their little girl was born, the doctors realized that something was wrong.

The girl with serious health problems at birth

The girl with serious health programs at birth, although her parents were perfectly healthy and were 1.80 tall. The doctors didn’t give her a chance, but the girl amazed everyone. Terrified parents want to share this story with everyone.

A couple from the United States, Jaime Jankins, and his life partner Jakob were eagerly waiting for their first child to be born but did not know what was going to happen.

At the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, namely week 12, Jaime went to the gynecological office to have regular check-ups. Then shocking news hit them both, namely that their little girl is not well. Following the ultrasound, something looked abnormal, but there was still no diagnosis, news that knocked down both parents and from that moment they had a terrible few weeks full of uncertainty and fear.

The parents were confused, saddened, and had no idea what was going to happen in the future and whether or not their little girl was well. Time passed, the girl grew up and a few weeks before giving birth, Jaime and Jakob received the terrible news that his little girl had almost no developed lungs and that it would be best to have an abortion.

But Jamie didn’t even want to hear about this. ”It’s impossible for me not to give him this chance to live. I feel it in every moment, it is part of me and of our life even though we do not physically have it in our arms. I even named her, I categorically refuse to have an abortion “.

Weeks passed and the moment of birth came. Helena was born, but unfortunately, the doctors didn’t give her a chance to survive. Although the parents were aware that they could lose this fight, they did not want the final decision for their daughter’s life to depend on them and with a sorrowful heart, they tried to accept this thought and say goodbye to the little girl.

Despite the slightest chance at life, something amazing happened. Helena was getting stronger and stronger, shocking her parents and first and foremost the doctors who didn’t even give her a chance at life. After six weeks, the result of all the analyzes and investigations came. The final diagnosis for the little girl is that she suffers from a very rare form of dwarfism.

Time passed, Helena and her parents were subjected to severe trials, but still, the little girl is still alive and has survived all the trials. She spent the first 3 months in the hospital and her life has been endangered 3 times so far due to the multiple operations she has undergone. Her parents were body and soul with her and even attended classes to learn how to take better care of her and how to help her lead a normal life.

Out of the desire to have another child, but with the fear that he might be born with problems, the two parents did a DNA analysis in the hope that they could find out what caused this malformation to their little girl. The result of the analysis shocked them. Both were diagnosed with the same latent form of dwarfism, although both were 1.80 tall.

After this, they decided that they would not have children so as not to risk being born with the same problem, and all the love was directed to Helena, of whom they are extremely proud and whom “Fingering” caresses.

Although Helena’s life is still difficult because she regularly goes to the hospital and for check-ups, she makes visible progress and flourishes day by day. She smiles in every moment and in every picture and makes her parents happy.

“Helena is a miracle child for me. It is a miracle that I now hold her in my arms and see her smile. It’s the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me. I am very happy that I made the decision to fight for her, although there were no chances and I encourage all parents who are in this situation to fight I wish them a lot of strength and luck to win “-Helena’s mother, Jaime

Every child is a miracle, and this has been proven by little Helena and many other children who have been or are in her situation.

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