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Six Chicken Breasts (boned with skin on)1 Tablespoon Garlic or Roasted Garlic in a Jar1 Jar Marinated Artichoke Hearts (chopped)12 ounces of Feta Cheese1 Tablespoons Fresh Italian ParsleyOld Bay Seasoning (or similar with Paprica as an ingredient)Olive Oil


First, rinse the Italian Parsley and then mince it on a cutting board. Safety First: Hold the knife like I am when chopping?  Also, chop the Marinated Artichoke Hearts. When you do this you’ll find you discard some hard outer layers.  Then, add the Crushed Garlic and Feta Cheese to the Italian Parsley and also add the Marinated Artichoke Hearts.Food Safety:  Watch out for cross contamination when you are touching poultry.  Make sure to put some of the stuffing in a separate bowl that you can use to stuff the chicken in case you have leftovers.New Year’s Day or Valentines’s Chicken Recipe with Feta Cheese and Artichoke Hearts 3Next, cut the chicken breast in half so each person receives a nice sized portion. Now is the fun part!  Pull the skin back or “up” and stuff to your hearts content with the Feta Cheese & Artichoke Hearts stuffing mixture.  Be careful not to pull the skin all of the way off. After placing stuffing on the skin, pull the skin back over the mixture.  See how easy this recipe is?Pull the skin back, stuff with Feta Cheese mixture and replace skinTHIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – DO NOT USE METAL PANS OR YOUR HOUSE WILL FILL WITH SMOKE FROM THE OLIVE OIL AND HIGH ROASTING TEMPERATURE!Place the chicken in a glass or stonewear baking pan. Sprinkle the chicken’s skin with Old Bay Seasoning or simply with Paprica.  Just a little sprinkle on each piece is good – not too much. At this point you need to turn the oven on at 400 degrees to get it up to temperature.Pop it in the oven and roast it at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.  Make sure you do not overcook the chicken so it doesn’t get dry.  The stuffing and olive oil helps to keep the chicken in this recipe very moist.Wow, it is ready to serve with cous cous and a side of steamed carots.  This Chicken stuffed with Artichoke Hearts & Feta Cheese is the perfect chicken recipe. Enjoy!

Credit: Susan Bowden Tips

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