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Horrifying video clip shows man’s final moments amidst gruesome shark attack

While shark attacks are not a common occurrence, they are nonetheless something that can happen and cause a lot of fear. What was supposed to be a fun day at the beach turned into a nightmare for one man and everyone else there.

Keep reading to learn more about this heartbreaking tragedy.

A man swimming in Egypt’s Red Sea was enjoying his time in the water when tragedy struck. The clip was recorded in the resort city of Hurghada. The video shows a man struggling against a shark as it continues to bite him.


At one point the shark pulls the man underwater upside down so only his legs can be seen above water. The woman recording the video can be heard and sounds incredibly distressed while people around her are heard screaming.

And finally, the shark bites him one final time on his torso and pulls him under the water.

statement from Egypt’s Ministry of Environment said they believed the attack was from a tiger shark. They sadly shared that the man had succumbed to his injuries and died from the shark attack. The man has been identified as being from Russia, but the Russian embassy has not disclosed his identity. The man was born in Russia in 1999 and resided in Egypt full-time; he was not a tourist confirmed by the embassy.


The ministry also added that they had caught the shark and were examining it to determine the reason for the rare attack on a human. As a result of the deadly attack, a massive stretch of the beach where the incident occurred has been closed to the public.

A diver who arrived at the scene just after the attack said people present at the scene tried to help the man but could not get to him in time.

This is such a terrifying incident to have occurred. Shark attacks are quite rare but they happen nonetheless, which is why it is important to be careful when swimming in the open sea.


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