Fashion week impostor walks the catwalk in a trash bag – no one notices until they’re floored by security

Fashion Week is known for some seriously out-there outfits, but one intruder took it to the next level by walking the runway dressed in garbage… and nobody batted an eyelid.

Anyone that’s ever seen a runway show will know that some seriously strange looks tend to be showcased, and everyone treats them like they’re completely normal.

So it’s no wonder that one man wearing a pair of swimming trucks, what appears to be a poncho or a trash bag, and a shower cap barely raised a single eyebrow in the crowd.

In fact, the audience at the New York Fashion Week show, which was hosted by social media agency Creators Inc, only noticed something was amiss when the man was savagely tackled by security and hustled off the catwalk.

Watch the moment below:


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The man could be seen confidently strutting his stuff in his… unique outfit, but turned to look back nervously a few times as he walked.

It’s understandable that he’d be a little wary as he was soon tackled by a burly security guard that manhandled him off the stage and out through the stunned crowd.



Viewers were loving the fiasco, with one commenting: “That is not garbage but garbagé,” while another added: “I swear these runway outfits get trashier each year.”

Another joked: “And nobody suspected anything despite that drip. Goes to show how trash these shows be.”

Others commented: “Probably not even the dumbest outfit that event,” and: “Shows you how stupid fashion is. No one even noticed.”

One even added: “Trash bag drip is immaculate.”

After the video went viral, some have claimed that the intruder was a YouTuber called Fred Beyer who is known for posting prank videos on his channel, which has 300,000 subscribers.

Fred appeared to confirm it was indeed his doing as he shared a screenshot of the intruder on the runway, adding: “Banger dropping tmmr, 5pm EST.”


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It’s not yet known how exactly he managed to crash the fashion show and whether it was a genuine interruption or a planned stunt.

The hilarious moment is not the first time people have pretended to ‘get’ something they don’t really understand, as in 2016 two teens managed to set up a fake art installation at a gallery that fooled many visitors.

Kevin Nguyen and TJ Khayatan caused a stir among art lovers when they placed a pair of glasses on the floor, convincing many people who clearly aren’t super au fait with art that it was one of the exhibits.

There’s no doubt a fair few tourists that still have snaps of the spectacles among their precious vacation photos to this day, remaining none the wiser.

Regardless, we’re totally all going to be rocking plastic ponchos and shower caps on the streets in A/W 23 after this catwalk show.

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