DNA Test Reveals Adopted Brother and Sister Are Actually Biological Siblings: “I Was Definitely Emotional”

A DNA test can reveal so much about an individual. Sometimes the results are expected or predictable, while other times the results are surprising and flabbergasting. For Victoria Laffin and Frank Laffin – an adopted brother and sister – there’s no way they could’ve ever imagined what their results would reveal.

Their story begins in the early-2000s, when Angela Laffin and her husband, Dennis Laffin, were looking to add to their family. They were already parents to a biological son, Nick, but had struggled with infertility and suffered several pregnancy losses. Not ready to give up, they started looking for alternative options.


Frank joined the family in 2002 when he was adopted as a newborn after being found in a diaper bag outside of a Staten Island daycare center. Two years later, Victoria joined the family after being found in a bathroom stall at Richmond University Medical Center. At last, Angela and Dennis had a family of five.

Growing up, people would always point out how much Victoria and Frank looked alike. It was something they never thought anything of – after all, they did have similar features and definitely acted like biological siblings, but as far as they were concerned, they were adopted siblings who found one another via fate.

As they got older, they grew more and more curious about their past – keep in mind, they had no pictures of their biological parents and no recollection of where they came from. In an effort to learn more about who they are, they decided to order a DNA test – what they learned was unexpected, to say the least.

It turns out they’re not just adopted siblings – they’re biological siblings! Despite being found at different locations and nearly two years apart, they somehow found one another through the same adopted parents – who, by the way, had no idea they were biological siblings, either. Now, that’s what I call fate.


“I was shaking when I read the results. I was definitely emotional,” Victoria said in an interview with TODAY – adding that all they wanted to do was connect with their cultures, which they knew absolutely nothing about. “The fact that I’ve been living my entire life with my biological sibling and had no idea?”

The Moment Angela Laffin Learned About the DNA Test
Speaking to TODAY about her adopted children’s shocking revelation, Angela Laffin – their mother – described the moment her daughter, Victoria, shared the news with her. It was earlier this year when she received an overwrought phone call from Victoria. Like most mothers, she immediately thought the worst.

“She’s screaming her head off. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. I was like, ‘Were you in a car accident? Are you OK?’ And she goes, ‘Me and Frank are brother and sister!’” Angela said. Her initial response was understandable – “I said to her, ‘Of course you’re brother and sister. I raised you.’”

Victoria, who goes by Vicky, backtracked and said, “No, Mom. You don’t understand, we’re biological siblings.” Of all the things Angela was expecting her to say, this was not it. In fact, her first thought was that it was just another one of her daughter’s pranks – but it wasn’t. She was 100% telling the truth.

Today, Angela is excited to watch her son and daughter reach for the stars. Victoria (who is 19 years old) is in college studying psychology and creative writing, while Frank (who is 20 years old) has dreams of being a special agent for the IRS and wants to open a fitness center after losing 80 pounds recently.


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