Dairy Farming Sisters Bust Out Hilarious “Don’t Stop Believin” But Try Not To Laugh With The Little One In Blue

If you’ve ever worked on a farm, then you know that it’s endless, tiring work.

That’s why farmers worldwide need all hands on deck when it comes time to take care of everything from crops to livestock!  Often times, even the smallest kiddos help Mom and Dad out on the farm, something the adorable girls of the Wright family in New York know all about.

They always help out their parents on the dairy farm when they have time to ensure that all the cows are tended to and the barn is clean. It’s hard work, but these tough cookies never shy away from it.

That’s partly because they’ve come up with a super-cute way to pass the time! While they’re working, they love to sing to their favorite tunes, but this is no ordinary whistle-while-you-work scenario.

Ever the performers, the three girls pull out all the stops to put on full-blown performances. While you may think that their cows, which are normally munching away quietly, are their only audience, you’d actually be mistaken. Fortunately for us, they love to film their routines and have Mom post them on Facebook!

It appears we have some future pop queens in our midst, folks. Using pretend microphones and incorporating their rakes and picks into their dramatic performances, they put on epic shows.

People from all over have commented on how cute they are and how music is actually nice for animals to hear. As one commenter explained, “Well you have 3 great girls there, a credit to you, and they say music is good for the animals!”Watch them bust their cutest moves in the video down below and share if it made you smile!

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