Children form human arrow on ground – when police helicopter realizes why, they immediately take action

Children are usually very active and imaginative, but some are more so than others. In Surrey, UK, a group of kids were participating in a charity Easter egg hunt to help a boy with leukemia. Suddenly, they heard a helicopter and looked up to see that it was a police helicopter.

The police were running after two people they believed were burglars, but the two men separated and went in different directions.

A group of children saw where the men went and decided to help the police by making an arrow shape with their bodies to show the officers which way to go. The police were confused at first, but they quickly understood that the children were trying to help them catch the suspects.

Two men, aged 27 and 28, were arrested for burglary because of the smart kids’ idea. The kids helped the police by giving them useful information.

The police were so grateful that they went back to thank the children. You can watch a video of the kids’ reactions below. These kids were very smart and came up with a great idea. If you think what they did was amazing, please share!


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