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Angry Mother Lashes Out After She Is Asked To Clean Up After Her Messy Kid

Going out to eat at a restaurant is an activity that many people enjoy. It gives us an opportunity to kick back and relax and let someone else take care of the details.

Eating out at a restaurant is also a fun family activity, but not everyone agrees with how it should be done.

That is especially true when small children are involved because they don’t always have the table manners necessary to behave themselves.

That was the case with one family and when their son left a mess on the floor, the mother was asked by a server to clean things up. She was angry at the server, so she lashed out on social media.

The article she posted was on Kidspot. She just couldn’t get over the fact that the server asked her to clean up the mess that her son had made on the floor.

The child in question was 10 months old and she was at the restaurant in Melbourne, Australia with him and her husband.

First of all, we are in no way blaming the child for any part of this. Children are notoriously messy when they eat and most parents appreciate the fact that they need to be taught the right way to eat in order to do it properly.

In this particular case, however, the woman noticed that one of the waiters had been helping many people in the restaurant. As they were leaving, the waiter saw the mess on the floor and asked the mother to help him clean it up.

The mother admitted that she was mad. She wrote: “When did we start turning the other way to elements of life that don’t affect us? When did our community decide kids and family were the less cool option and decide that supporting them was also ‘uncool’?”

She continued with her rant, saying: “Is it my job to get on my hands and knees and ignore that my child will not be soothed (my breast was the primary medicine for my teething child) and start cleaning the pasta with my own bare hands?

“Or is it the waiter’s task who is paid to serve us (at a family restaurant) and support us to have a pleasant evening?”

“I want my children to grow up in a community that looks after the vulnerable. The elderly and the innocence of children are included in this.”

She was wondering if it was the parent’s responsibility to clean up after the children and raise them or if there was a community that was there to address the matter.

She also said that she had an encounter with someone who was upset when her child urinated on the floor. She was upset that time when she was asked to clean it.

After this was shared on Reddit, many people had an opinion and most of them were not in her favor.

This is a debate that will continue, but it’s often cut and dry in most people’s minds.

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