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In a shocking transformation, Amy Adams is layered with fur and a few extra pounds in her role as a bloodthirsty hound

In her most transformational role to date, Amy Adams was seen on the set of her new film, leaving some fans Disenchanted over her new appearance.

Famed for her wholesome beauty and multi-layered acting skills, Adams demonstrates her effortless ability to shift into any character, from a naïve nun in Doubt, to a gleeful singing princess in Enchanted, to a drug-addicted hillbilly in Hillbilly Elegy, and now as the housewife turned bloodthirsty hound in her latest film, Nightbitch.

But it wasn’t her transition into a furry dog that captured the attention of the online audience. Read on to find out why people are shocked about Adam’s new appearance.


Known for her comedic and dramatic prowess in the engaging and relatable characters she plays, Adams, 48, made her film debut in the dark comedy film, Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999). It was six years later when she gained global prominence with her Academy-nominated role as the doe-eyed pregnant woman in Junebug (2005).

Adored by fans, her next role was perfectly suited for the charming songstress, who was cast as a soon-to-be princess in the Disney musical comedy Enchanted (2007), a role she reprised in Disenchanted in 2022. The multiple-award winning actor can also be seen in films like Trouble with the Curve (2012), Justice League (2017), Big Eyes (2014) and The Woman in the Window (2021).

Spotted recently in Los Angeles filming Nightbitch, a comedy exploring motherhood, discipline, and sacrifice, Adams looked unrecognizable. In the movie, she co-stars with Scoot McNairy of Lyle, Lyle Crocodile. Adams plays a former artist who’s disillusioned with her new life as a suburban stay-at-home mom, and alienated by her husband, she feels stuck while caring for her hyperactive toddler.


As her frustration grows, her inner animal emerges, and she starts to morph into a predatory dog. While experiencing physical changes, like a tuft of fur on the nape of her neck, sharper canines and a tail, her character learns more about the mutation, all the while trying to protect her family from the sinister creature growing inside.

Filming a scene captured by photographers, Adams’ character had to slap her co-star, which might have brought back some painful memories for the star.

One of her last slap scenes was in American Hustle, where in her Academy nominated role as a vixen grifter, she had to smack Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper. Adams, in a highly publicized event, faced alleged abuse from the films’ director, the notoriously temperamental David O. Russell.

In an interview with GQ, Adams described the slapping where Russell brought her to tears, “I did a scene with Bradley where I have to hit him and he’s yelling at me, ‘Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! HARDER! HARDER! HARDER! Really give it to him this time!’”

Amy Adams is seen outside aol live in soho on June 28, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

“He was hard on me, that’s for sure. It was a lot.” Most days, she said “I was really just devastated on set.”

Her co-star Christian Bale, whom she also starred with in The Fighter (2010) and Vice (2018), was forced to mediate so that the film could reach its full potential.

There were no tearful incidents on the set of Nightbitch, but the photos released made people do a double take, and it wasn’t because of Adam’s transformation into a furry mongrel.

The six-time Oscar nominee appeared in a casual pinstriped shirt, make-up free, red hair tied back, and a few extra pounds.

It’s not confirmed if the Sharp Objects star gained weight for the role, or if it’s Hollywood make-up magic.

Fans were quick to chime in on photos showing her new form, defending her with praise. Some wrote, “great actor in any shape,” or “she’s gorgeous.” One fan intuitively wrote, “It’s a role she’s playing this is a body suit.”

Adams is no stranger to transformations in a role, some requiring physical change while others were created with prosthetics.

When starring alongside Glenn Close in Hillbilly ElegyAdams used a wig and prosthetics to become her character Bev, a backwoods mother struggling with drug addiction, and in one of her earliest films, Catch Me if you Can (2002), she wore dental prosthetics.

Amy Adams is seen on January 07, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by BAUERGRIFFIN/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

In her award-nominated role in Vice, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she packed on about 12 to 15 pounds, and in Julie & Julia, Adams gained a few extra pounds, that she confessed was a “byproduct” of her newfound appreciation for French food and butter.

A natural beauty at any size, either glammed or casual, the star of Arrival, admits that, unlike the weight-obsessed character she played in the TV series Smallville, her physique is not something she stresses.

Growing up with six siblings, and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints–her parents left the Mormon church when she was a child–Adams revealed that she’s learned to stay “…under the radar,” which explains her mostly private celebrity life.

“I think the more people are concerned with me, the less they can invest in my characters,” Adams said in an interview with Daily Mail.

Referring to her daughter Aviana, now 12, that she shares with husband Darren Le Gallo, Adams explained, “I tend to wear very little makeup at home because when my daughter was even younger she saw me putting on makeup and she said, ‘You look like Amy Adams when you do that–I just want you to be Mom.’ So I said, ‘You got it, honey’…When I was getting made up, she felt that was somehow attached to another part of my life and she just wanted me.”


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We all love Amy Adams! While we still don’t know if she’s wearing prosthetics for the human part of her role in Nightbitch, or if she gained weight, we still think she is fabulous and look forward to seeing her in the movie when it’s released this year.

What are your favorite movie with Amy Adams? And what do you think about her not falling prey to Hollywood’s standards of beauty?


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