9 films with eveyone’s favorite hero – a German Shepherd

Are you looking for an amazing movie starring a german shepherd? You are certainly not alone!

People love movies with these incredible dogs, and even though there are dozens of them, these 9 are simply the best!

1. Megan Leavey

A biographical story of a soldier and the german shepherd she was paired with for her service, this film is truly inspiring.

Megan and Rex face deployment in Iraq together and, when saving dozens of lives, also protect each other.

2. Finding Rin Tin Tin

Finding Rin Tin Tin tells the true story of a military man in WWI who found a german shepherd on the front lines, saved his life, and brought him home.

This film pulled on the heartstrings of everyone who watched it and is an absolute must-see if you love movies with german shepherds.

3. I Am Legend

In this post-apocalyptic movie, Will Smith’s only companion is his german shepherd, Samantha.

While this movie has plenty of action-filled adventure and suspense, most viewers say that Samantha and Will’s touching relationship is the best part.

4. A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose tells the story of a dog who lives several lives that show his life’s purpose, which is to teach his humans to laugh and love.

This heartwarming tale beautifully portrays why we love our dogs so incredibly much!

5. Max

The German shepherd, Max, was sent home from Afghanistan after his partner was killed in the line of duty.

This story follows Max’s trip home and his tumultuous relationship with the family Kyle left behind, and it really is incredible.

6. K-9

K-9 was one of the most popular movies in the 1980s, and although they have now made several sequels to the film, the original is hard to beat!

When a cop who likes to work alone is assigned a german shepherd for a partner, it looks like they’ll never be able to make it work. But their relationship, which will make you laugh out loud, takes a big turn in the film.

7. Shepherd: The Story Of A Jewish Dog

When a Jewish boy reconnects with his dog after the war, he realizes he had been captured and trained to kill his friends and family.

As one of the most emotionally charged movies on our list, Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog is a life-changing story.

8. My Dog Tulip

Based entirely on a man and his relationship with his german shepherd, this animated film is funny, heartwarming, and completely relatable.

The story of their 16-year relationship is absolutely beautiful, and it should not be missed.

9. Cats & Dogs

Finally, the hilarious film Cats & Dogs also has a lovable german shepherd!

This is a children’s film that even adults can enjoy in which a secret high-tech war is going on between the cats and dogs of a suburban neighborhood.