Man shows how his chinchilla takes a dust bath (VIDEO)

Animals rule the internet! That’s a statement and a fact, and I bet you would agree with that. If you don’t, you probably haven’t seen all the adorable animal videos on the internet.

The video at the end of this article proves how people go crazy about random animal videos because when you look at it, it’s nothing special, really. It’s simply a chinchilla enjoying a dust bath. And it’s a bit ASMR, too – a perfect combination for a viral video!

24 million Views? No way!

The video started with the man pouring volcanic chinchilla dust into a wooden basin. Then, he placed the chinchilla in. The moment the tiny creature felt the dust, it went ballistic!

True to their nature, the chinchilla started flipping, rolling, shimmying, and kicking. It was like looking at a skittish little creature doing its magic with all the powder smoke puffing out with every move!

The chinchilla paused from time to time, putting his front paws on top of the basin. It’s like he was basking in the utmost pleasure of being in a dust bath.

In the end, all that was left were a few volcanic chinchilla dusts in the basin, and most of them flew out to the table. Overall, it was satisfying to watch. No wonder it reached 24 million views!

Why Chinchillas Take Dust Baths

You might wonder why chinchillas take dust baths and not regular baths like other animals. This has something to do with their fur.

Unlike their other rodent cousins or mammals in general, they have 50-70 hairs per follicle. That is also why it’s never ideal to bathe a chinchilla in water. Their dense fur would make it difficult to dry them, especially their roots. This may even cause dermatitis, pyoderma, and other skin diseases if the water stays in their roots and skin for too long.

Using any other sand or dust-like particles for their bath is also not advisable. Chinchillas originate in Chile, where they would bathe using volcanic dust. The dust helps absorb the natural oils that come out from their fur. Anything bigger than dust could get stuck in their skin.

Other Care Tips for Chinchilla Lovers

If you’re planning to get a chinchilla (because this video pretty much sold that idea to you), it’s best to take note of these other care tips for these docile beings.

Chinchillas are skittish and may be scared of any human interaction. Give it some space and time to get used to being held and picked up. And even if they get used to it, it’s best to leave them alone in their happy habitats unless it’s necessary to hold or pick them.

A proper diet is also vital for chinchillas. Feed them pellets, hay, and raisins – it’s that simple. These keep their teeth ground down to an appropriate level while providing the best nutrients for gastrointestinal health.

Lastly, like all our other pets, they would need love and care from their humans. Be patient with them, and show them how much you care through food, fresh and dry air, and some volcanic dust bath!

Watch the video below and share it to your family and friends. Be one of the millions who enjoyed the peace and calm of this chinchilla enjoying his dust bath.