Pittie returned to shelter three times runs to dumpster and begs volunteer to follow him

Harold had been returned to the Grand Strand Humane Society three times. It almost seemed that he had given up.

The trauma of being repeatedly abandoned gave him separation anxiety.

Shelter staff said that the sad pitbull reminded her of the depressed donkey Eeyore from “Winne the Pooh.”

And who can blame him really? Harold was likely acutely aware of his scenario.

Still, despite how awful the hand Harold had been dealt, he still had kindness in his heart for others.

That’s why he saved a litter of puppies and is now being hailed as a “superhero.”

The shelter staff said that Harold being returned to the shelter after doing absolutely nothing wrong and just not being the right fit was actually a blessing.

“If Harold was not here with us at the shelter last night, there might be six less puppies sleeping soundly, nice and warm, with full bellies this morning,” the shelter wrong on their Facebook page.

Shelter staff said that they observed Harold acting strangely after he came back from his walk.

He seemed to be fixated on an area where shelter supplies and donations are unloaded.

That’s when he began circling a large Tupperware container on the side of his truck bed.

One of the volunteers eventually discovered that there were six puppies left in the plastic container.

The shelter says that the puppies may have gone unnoticed for hours if it wasn’t for Harold.

That’s because there are often many containers of bags of donations left in that area.

His persistence is what saved the lives of those puppies.

“Our sweet boy saved the day,” the post said. “Just one more reason to love our sweet Harold!”

Unfortunately, it was the second time Harold made the news.

He was initially featured in a local news story after being at the shelter for more than 500 days.

Eventually, the shelter’s staff could no longer stand to see such a good dog without a loving home.

So, a volunteer named Marlena adopted him. She said it took him a long time to be able to relax in his new home and settle in after being in the shelter for so long.

He would pant often and be anxious but Marlena knew that she just needed to be patient with him. Now Marlena can take Harold anywhere.

He likes to go on walks, go on hikes, and play outside.

Harold is also madly in love with his doggy stroller. He loves to lie in it while Marlena pushes him around.

He also likes to cuddle up and snack on his Mickey Mouse cookies. Marlena is just obsessed with how cute he is. Especially is one funny floppy ear.

Harold always gets super excited when mom comes home. Marlena says she’s incredibly impressed by how Harold has bloomed into a happy dog.

“I just love and cherish him. We make a good pair,” she said.

Learn more about Harold’s story in the video below.

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