Husky Reaction to Stranger Dramatically Changes When He Smells it (VIDEO)

Whether you are a dog parent or the parent of a child, the time before dinner is often when little ones are the most impatient. That was certainly the case at the home of the Husky named K’eyush.

Adorable Husky

As anyone who has ever taken care of a Husky knows, these fluffy dogs have equally large personalities. K’eyush was no exception to that rule. His facial expressions alone spoke volumes.

The affable Husky gave his grandma (or Biscuit Lady as K’eyush knew her) side-eyes. But he did not stop there. He also howled to let his family know how unfair it was that he did not have his dinner.

Adorable Husky

Even without the adorable subtitles provided by his family, his vocalizations, like his expressions, were easily comprehended. But when his whining and game of tag did not lead to his dinner, K’eyush tried a different approach.

While they waited for dinner to arrive, his mom had set up her workstation to put together a bikini. K’eyush saw her work as a distraction, so he decided to lie on top of it.

Adorable Husky

And like the stubborn dog he was, K’eyush refused to get off of the cutting board. Instead, he looked around with an adorable innocent expression as if he had no idea why his mom wanted him to move.

Fortunately, the Husky did not have to wait for much longer. Chinese food finally arrived at the door, and once K’eyush realized that the stranger meant that his wait for dinner was at an end, he howled with joy.