Lab Puppies Growing from 1 Hour to 70 Days Adorable Timelapse

Whether you are the proud parent of a dog, cat or human, you know that time has a way of getting away from us. That awareness drove this labrador’s dad to record the first 10 weeks of his dog’s babies’ lives.


The loving dad, Drew, started his time-lapse one hour after his black lab, Bailey, brought her litter into the world. And from the get-go, each of her nine puppies was overwhelmingly adorable.

Drew might not have been a breeder, but he did everything he could for Bailey and her little ones. Since Bailey could not leave her makeshift birthing bed for a few days, Drew brought the mama dog her food and water.


Fortunately, mama Bailey did not need to limit her time to her kiddie pool bed. Still, the new mother made sure she returned to her babies as soon as she finished taking care of herself.

All of mama Bailey’s effort seemed to have paid off by the tenth day. Her little ones had doubled in size and were starting to explore their blanket, though they still had not opened their eyes.


Just 16 days after they came out of their mother, Bailey’s babies responded to sound, moved around their bed and started opening their curious eyes. Soon, Drew knew they would outgrow their kiddie pool bed.

But that was just the beginning for these adventurous, tiny puppies. Watch these lovable little ones transform from needy babies to playful puppies ready to transition to their new homes.