Adorable baby elephant interrupts reporter at wildlife trust in Kenya (VIDEO)

Not only were these beautiful elephants at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, orphaned and forced to live on the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s land, but they’re also expected to “learn life lessons, experience love, and grapple with loss.”

At least that’s what a reporter said while reading from his teleprompter.

But one of the baby elephants was not trying to hear all his nonsense. She also wanted to protect others from having to listen to him.

So, she tried to silence him. Alvin Kaunda was reciting his lines while doing a story at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

He is standing in front of a group of three elephants and has no fear whatsoever of being around them.

“It was actually my first time at the trust,” Kaunda told Storyful. “I knew I was going to see the elephants but didn’t know that they’d let me so close to them.”

Kaunda starts rambling on and on and we see the little elephant’s head pop up.

While the older elephants are able to ignore him, the baby elephant can’t stop staring ahead.

At some point, the elephant finally has enough and starts to walk behind the reporter.

Meanwhile, the reporter has absolutely no idea was going on. He got so comfortable that he even put his hand up on the elephant next to him and started to pet it while talking.

That’s when the baby elephant came over and tried to cover the reporter’s ear with his trunk.

But that didn’t work. Then the elephant tries to pat the reporter on the head with his trunk.

But this reporter is STILL talking.

Then he tried to cover his nose and this dude was still talking.

Finally, the baby decided it was time to shut him up.

He stuck his trunk right in Kaunda’s mouth. He hoped that would get him to stop.

And it did.

Now Kaunda was hysterically laughing, which was a lot better than what he was talking about before, according to the elephant.

“At first I felt the elephant trunk’s contact on my back but decided to keep going because I was doing my almost 10th take of my piece to camera,” Kaunda told Storyful. “I wasn’t gonna let anything stop me. Until the baby elephant stuck its trunk in my mouth.”

So, that take was definitely a bust, but it ended up being picked up Storyful, who posted the video where it was viewed thousands of times.

The video also went viral on Twitter, where it garnered millions of views.

This story was so pressing that even The Washington Post wrote about the video.

Kaunda is a reporter with Kenya Broadcasting Corp.

He was discussing the horrible droughts the country has been facing. They are the worst the country has seen in 40 years, according to the news outlet.

They say the extreme weather is killing 20 times as many elephants as animal poaching, and more than a thousand animals have died as a result of the drought, including wildebeests, zebras, elephants, and buffalo.

Kaunda’s video going viral will help this spread this important message to the world. Perhaps that was the baby elephant’s ulterior motive all along!

Check out the hilarious baby elephant in the video below.

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Source: 6abc Philadelphia, Storyful Viral, The Washington Post, AnimalChannel