Deer brings her family to meet her dog best friend

Kenzie Keller, who goes by @kapandchief ‘s on TikTok, has a dog named Kap who has become smitten by a neighborhood deer.

But it’s like Kap and the deer live worlds apart, even though they are only separated by a fence.

Still, they’ve managed to become best friends. Maybe even more than best friends.

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Keller is convinced that they are in love. And it’s getting pretty serious.

The deer has become so trusting of the puppy that she even introduced him to her family.

Keller noticed that Kap was mesmerized by the deer when he stopped dead in his track while on a walk to stare at her.

She could tell that the pair knew each other by the way they were looking at each other.

It wasn’t long before the deer started visiting Kap every day.

Kap sometimes waits by the fence all day just to wait and see his best friend.

Or he’ll just stare out the window.

He gets so excited and gallops right over when she finally does come.

Eventually, the couple decided it was time to take things to next level and introduce Kap to the deer’s family.

Keller caught the interaction between the Kap, the deer, and her children on video.

She posted it to TikTok where it was viewed almost 95,400 times.

“This is the purest, sweetest thing I have ever seen,” said one commenter.

“The way he is so excited running to meet his friend,” said another.

“Is no one gonna talk about him taking his toy to them,” and another.

While these deers got along with this dog, that’s not always the case.

According to The British Deer Society, dogs will sometimes chase deer and can attack them in the process.

“Very often the dog’s owner is shocked and surprised that their normally docile pet could behave in this way. They may even have been unaware of the real dangers that allowing their pet to chase deer can cause,” their website states.

The British Deer Society warns that dogs can be triggered by the sight of a running deer, causing their hunting instinct to take over.

That leaves both the deer and dog vulnerable to being injured.

It could also lead to your dog running off while they follow the deer.

The British Deer Society warns that dog owners should make sure that their dogs are on leashes or under close control while walking in places where there could be deer or other wildlife and farm stock.

Watch Kap meet these deer in the video below.

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Source: Kapandchief, AnimalChannel