Teen Has No One To Bring To The Prom, The Cat Becomes His Perfect Date!

His beautiful kitty looks at him with so much love…!

Our fur babies never let us down, always there for us to give love and comfort 
To the single people out there, find someone who looks at you like she looks at him, that’s true love right there.

Prom was a highlight of our school years, but only for couples in love. Having to decide who to bring to the prom is a nightmare for those who are alone!

Sam Steingard has found himself in this situation; if you want to bring someone you feel comfortable with, someone you’d like to spend the night with, Sam can only think of his cat!

He made the adorable choice to bring his cat to the prom!

Sam decided to bring his cat Ruby instead of a traditional date because he didn’t plan on staying at the prom for long. Stengaird’s mother, Joanne, was also very supportive of the decision, purchasing a beautiful dress and even a sparkly collar to complete Ruby’s outfit.

And Ruby was without a doubt the center of attention at the ball that day!

Ruby was found as a small kitten by the Steingard family after Ruby Tuesday restaurant and has been a part of Sam’s life for over 10 years; they are truly best friends and inseparable!

Sam’s sister later posted one of the photos online, and it quickly went viral. Everyone adores the goofy couple, and Ruby has fans from all over the world.

Ruby in the picture appears to be smiling happily as she looks over at Sam!

Honestly who among us had a prom date who looked at them the way his cat does in those prom pics
He certainly took a beauty she is gorgeous

Look at the love your date is passing to you in that look.

Just look at the love in the eyes of his cat ~ he chose the right partner’ for the dance!! 


Source : animals.autodailyz.com