Parrot Steal’s Reporter’s Earpiece While on Air (VIDEO)

Parrots are known to be one of the most intelligent animals.

They can solve problems, mimic human speech, count, add, subtract, and even understand the concept of zero.

These birds are a popular choice as pets because of their ability to interact with people, thanks to their intelligence. Some parrots are even trained to become part of circus performances or shows.

Even with what we know about parrots, they can still surprise us with just how smart they are.

In Santiago, Chile, journalist Nicolas Krumm learned firsthand how intelligent and cunning parrots could be.

Krumm was filming a report on the increase in robberies in the city for CHV Noticias, a local television station. While reporting, an innocent-looking parrot flew in and landed on his shoulder.

The reporter looked surprised for a second, then continued his broadcast like a true professional.

You can see the parrot flying in and staying on his shoulder for a few moments.

However, it soon became evident that the parrot had sneakier things in mind, not just resting on Krumm’s shoulder.

The parrot suddenly grabbed the earpiece in Krumm’s ear and quickly pulled it out.

The funniest thing about this video is that Krumm became a victim of the exact crime he was reporting, but this time the culprit was a parrot!

Krumm was obviously taken by surprise by the parrot’s cunning movements and looked at the bird who had just stolen his earpiece.

The bird stayed on his shoulder for another split-second.

Krumm then tried to grab the parrot, but the bird was too fast for him.

It swiftly flew away with the earpiece in its beak. The parrot had gotten away with his crime.

Later in the video, you can see Krumm’s camera operator trying to catch the bird.

You can also see both of them trying to follow the parrot, moving around the area where they were reporting. However, the bird was too quick for them.

While Krumm and the camera operator were trying to catch the bird, a local resident started shouting at them to leave the parrot alone.

All Krumm could do was laugh at his silly situation as his camera operator continued to pursue the thieving parrot.

During the video, they were unable to catch the bird.

The station later reported finding the stolen earpiece on the ground after the report ended. The mischievous parrot must have dropped it soon after the crime.

While the stolen merchandise has been recovered, the parrot has gotten away with his crime scot-free.

The video has gotten over 100,000 views in just one day, with viewers loving the funny interaction between Krumm and the parrot.

One netizen commented, “This timeless footage will be worth be worth more than that earbud will ever cost. A lifetime memory to revisit’.

This video reminds us of how intelligent animals are, especially parrots.

It reminds us to respect all animals, even those we think are “just” birds. You might even want to consider adopting a parrot as a pet and enjoy playing and interacting with these extremely intelligent animals.

The next time you’re out and about outdoors, be careful! Another wise bird might just swoop in and steal something from you as well.

Watch this intelligent parrot commit a crime in the video below!

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Source: AnimalChannel, Inside Edition