Mom can’t believe it when cat surprises her with baby kitten

The video begins facing a white closet door. Upbeat, light-hearted music plays in the background as we get our first glimpse of this proud cat. @kat_terry, who’s filming, asks the cat, “Can you show me?”.

Across the bottom, you can see a caption that gives a bit of context to the situation: “When you have no idea your cat is pregnant and she has a single copy of herself. ”

The door slides open, and mama cat goes inside. She quickly looks back to ensure her human mom is still following before making her way up to the kitty beds.

There are two cat beds. The first one is empty, but in the second one, we can see a baby kitten. It’s super tiny and simply looks like a bundle of fur until the camera gets a bit closer.

Mama kitty gets into the bed and starts to lay down. Once the kitten realizes she’s there, it immediately jumps up, allowing mama kitty to curl up in bed with her baby.

From here, the video cuts to a cute photo of the two cuddling in bed. The kitty is lying on mama’s belly while mama’s big round eyes stare up lovingly at the camera.

The video ends with a final shot of the little kitten. It’s so cute relaxing in the center of the cat bed, which absolutely dwarfs it in size. Mama kitty only had one kitten, so—unsurprisingly—@kat_terry announced that they’ve decided to keep the tiny kitten. Now mama cat will always have a mini-me: absolutely adorable!

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