Golden Retriever Dad Meets His 11 Puppies (VIDEO)

Can you imagine a home full of puppies? That would be wonderful, right?

Dogs fill our homes and hearts with warmth, love, and happiness.

Just watching puppies play can even relieve you from stress and tiredness.

So imagine having a house full of these adorable pets.

Can it get any better?


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Meet the adorable Leo Fucarev

Leo is the furry owner of the YouTube channel of the same name.

He lives with his best friend and brother, Tiger, a German Shepard.

Just recently, their channel gained 1.3M views on a video that will make anyone say, “awww.”


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A few months ago, their followers were updated that Leo, the Golden Retriever had a girlfriend.

Love blossomed.

And soon, she gave birth to 11 beautiful puppies.

The viral video starts as Laura, Leo’s hooman mom, guides him into a well-lit room.

“Do you know who these are?” said Laura.

We can clearly see Leo’s tail wagging in excitement as he greets his children, 11 beautiful puppies.

They enclosed the puppies in a baby playpen with their toys.

Most of them were playing, some were sleeping, and the others went to greet Leo.

Turn up the cute-o-meter.

It’s as if they knew who he was, and Leo?

We can see how excited he was.

Gently, Leo tried to approach the puppies, but he was still hesitant.

Laura decided to let Leo inside the playpen, and as he entered, he felt welcomed.

9 puppies were already greeting him.

He went to each one of them.

Even those who were resting.

Then, we see Leo resting with his puppies, giving them nose kisses from time to time.

It was a beautiful sight to see such a sweet father to his kids, and you can feel how much he already adores his puppies.

Did you know male dogs don’t really have paternal instincts like the mother dog?

They will play with their puppies but won’t really exhibit parental instincts like what Leo was showing.

He was so careful with them.

We could even see him sitting on the couch and just watching all the puppies playing and goofing around.

Leo is really a dad now.

This Golden Retriever is not new to taking care of puppies since Tiger.

His best bud came to his life in early 2022 when he was just a tiny German Shepard.

Leo took care of him.

He played with him and taught him dog stuff.

Now, Tiger is huge, but he’s still the young pup that Leo nurtured.

There was another clip showing Tiger meeting his nephews for the first time.

In the playpen, Laura, Leo, and the 11 puppies were playing when we see Tiger barking at the playpen.

It’s as if he was asking Laura to let him in, and she did.

Tiger hit it off with the puppies!

Almost instantly, they were more playful as they greeted Tiger.

We even hear Laura reminding Tiger to be careful.

In the corner, we see their dad, Leo, who was observing the new friends playing.

He really looks like a protective father in this video.

See Leo greet his 11 puppies for the very first time in the heartwarming video below!

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