After mama and baby elephant get trapped in mud rescuers swoop in to set them free (VIDEO)

Elephants are known for their large bodies among land animals. They in live in different habitats like deserts, forests, and swamps.

Due to their massive bodies, it can be hard to move once they get stuck.

One day, an elephant mom and her calf got buried in a pool of mud.

It can be seen from the start of the video that the elephant mom and baby cannot stand.

The thick mud covering their bodies made it difficult for them to get out.

Like a good mother, the adult elephant tries to protect her baby using her trunk.

A team of people came to help save both elephants.

The rescuers from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust flew over to the area where the elephants got stranded. They went to the spot and assessed the situation.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is known for its mission to protect wildlife like these elephants and their habitat.

Their passion was started in 1977 by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick.

The team’s shared dedication has helped save elephants and other wildlife in Kenya.

Equipped with the proper knowledge and tools, they can safely perform rescue missions.

In this situation, they were able to help rescue the elephants and prevent further harm to them.

However, the protective instinct of the mother elephant made it quite difficult to carry out the rescue plan.

The team was forced to give her a sedative to have a smooth operation.

The men finally pulled the baby elephant out from the mud.

Once freed, the baby elephant came running back to its mom.

The scene was heartbreaking for the rescuers and onlookers. Those who watched the video were also moved by how the team rescued the calf.

“The calf running straight back into the mud to be with its mother had me in tears. Their bond is so very strong. It’s wonderful to see such skill and teamwork in saving this mother and calf.” said one.

Another one said,

“What an incredible rescue! The love between a baby and a mother is strong. The team deserves fountains of blessings for this rescue. Fantastic teamwork!”

To continue the rescue mission swiftly, the veterinarian was forced to sedate the calf to prevent it from running back and sticking again in the mud.

The team tried their best to help the female elephant escape the mud. They even had to dig because she was covered with mud up to her shoulders.

The rescuers placed straps on some of the mother elephant’s body parts and attached them to a tractor. They eventually wheeled her up to firm soil.

After that, they woke up the baby elephant. The baby elephant stayed with its mother while waiting for her to wake up.

Finally, they were able to get up and walk toward the wilderness.

After the grueling process of rescuing both elephants, it was a relief to see them back on their feet and in their natural habitat.

The heroic efforts of the rescue team paid off.

Watch the full rescue mission in the video below!

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Source: Sheldrick Trust, AnimalChannel