Woman brings home a cat. And discovers she hates everyone.

Michelle received a call from the Carroll County Humane Society asking if she can foster a litter of five kittens.

That’s how Michelle and grumpy Widget met.

Widget was about four or five weeks old when she arrived at the shelter with her litter. And Widget was diagnosed with dwarfism so she was smaller than her siblings. She’s also the grumpy one.

Of course, the other kittens were adopted right away but Widget stayed.

It looked like she was meant to stay with Michelle.

Widget may be a grumpy cat but Michelle loves her dearly. And when the shelter offered Michelle first in line to adopt Widget, she immediately jumped at the opportunity for Widget to live with her permanently.

As for Widget, we will not know if she really is happy with this decision because smiling is not her forte. But Michelle is very happy, despite their differences.

And we’re not just talking about their physical form.

“People have said that Widget and I are total opposites,” Michelle told GeoBeats Animals. “We balance each other out. I feel that’s because my face can smile. Hers is like, it’s probably physically impossible.”

Widget lives with Michelle and several foster kittens and she always made it obvious that she was running the show.

“She will get the kittens, try to groom ’em and all of a sudden, she turns into just evil cat. I don’t know how she can go from being that sweet and cute to this angry fluff ball,” Michelle shared.

Michelle said Widget’s grumpy look may be permanent because she has never seen her look any other way.

Her eyes will tell you what kind of mood she currently has. Although Michelle does get about five to ten minutes of sweet Widget time in the mornings. But that’s it.

“She’ll be super loving then five minutes later, she’s trying to bite me,” Michelle said.

Now, Widget may be small but inside, she believes she’s a tiger.

Better not cross her because she will punch you, hit, you, bite you, and claw you when you do.

Widget may be a grumpy cat but people still love her. And they love her mom, too.

“Oh my God, I love Michelle, Widget’s mom!!!! She has the best sense of humor!! I don’t think anyone else WITHOUT her sense of humor, could handle Widget!! Thanks for sharing your [story]!” Paula Printz had to comment.

And do you know what?

There are cat parents out there who have the same experience with a similar grumpy cat of their own.

“I love this. Widget is adorable. She’s lucky to have this wonderful owner. I can sort of relate. When my cat’s foster mommy told me that the cat hadn’t been adopted because she kept hissing at everybody, I knew then and there she was my cat. Now she’s my little shadow,” shelikesdiamonds shared.

It doesn’t matter if Widget is grumpy 95% of the time, these two are meant to be together.

Would you like to meet grumpy Widget? Watch the video below.

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Source: Geobeats Animals, Animal Channel