‘Proud’ labrador dad melts hearts giving his puppies their first swimming lesson

Dogs are naturally great swimmers. But even though they naturally understand how to swim, puppies still show some hesitation when it comes time to jump into the water.

After all, water is new to them, and they’re not sure what to think about it.

This is when dog parents come into the scene to help their puppies acquire a very important skill!

Follow daddy, it’s time for a swimming lesson!

From the moment of their birth, puppies begin to discover the world, acquire new skills, and develop their instincts under the watchful eyes of their parents.

A loving labrador dad decided it was time to teach his six puppies how to swim, as you’ll see in the video posted below!

The puppies looked a bit scared and reluctant as they followed their dad toward the pond where he would teach them how to become great swimmers!

After initial hesitation, the puppies jumped into the water and started to swim for the first time!

Labradors are great swimmers and love water much more than other dogs

Labradors are among the top ten swimmer dog breeds and for a good reason! They simply love water and most labs are keen swimmers.

Labradors have been swimming for centuries and were used by fishermen to retrieve ducks and fish. Furthermore, Labradors are very easy to train because they are fast learners and they’re very friendly to humans.

Who doesn’t love a good swim?

After their very first swimming lesson, the puppies returned back to the dry land and had a great time running around the playing with their dad.

Even though it was their first time down at the pond, the puppies showed that they’re excellent swimmers!

We’re sure that their dad felt proud as he observed his puppies swim in the pond without the slightest hesitation or fear of water!

Sometimes labradors love the water so much it can be tricky to convince them to get out!

We’ve mentioned earlier how labs love to swim and have been around fishermen for longer than three hundred years. Their love of water is very strong and they can easily get carried away and spend a lot of time swimming.

It comes as no surprise that the labrador puppies from the video had no trouble in the water.

Another reason labradors such remarkable swimmers is their webbed toes which enable them to swim faster and easier than other dog breeds.

The puppies are surely going to become world-class swimmers one day.

For their first lesson, the puppies did great and the credit for their success goes to their dad who was a perfect teacher!

If you’re not a swimmer yourself and find it hard to overcome the fear of water, watching this video will definitely lift your spirits up!

“Note to future self: To be a father like this lab!” one YouTube user commented. “This dog: gotta make sure my children learn so they can be independent,” another posted wrote.

It’s great to see these puppies learn to swim. One day, they will be giving their own puppies swimming lessons and remember the day at the pond with their dad!

It’s adorable to see these puppies playing in the water together. They’re clearly having fun with dear old dad.

Check out the fun for yourself in the video below!

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