Matching Great Dane and horse who look like twins share the most special bond

Dogs are usually drawn to be with other dogs.

They’re all the same species and they connect with each other more than other animals.

However, there is one Great Dane who has been showing people online that dogs are also capable of being friends with other animals like horses for example.

Skye is a Great Dane with a white coat with large black spots.

His unique appearance makes him stand out from the other dogs.

It also made him feel like he did not belong with anyone else.

When he met a tiny horse named Hot Fudge Sundae, or Fudge for short, in December 2020, Skye finally found the best friend he was looking for.

Skye and Fudge share similar sizes and spots on their bodies.

The dog belongs to a breed that is taller than others and because of this, Skye almost looked like a tiny horse himself.

On the other hand, Fudge was a small horse that can easily be mistaken for a dog.

The two found each other and almost looked like they were twins!

People around them saw the resemblance, and both of them definitely saw it, too.

Everyone around them could sense that the dog and the horse were starting to grow closer.

They even go around the property together.

Both of the animals measured 31 inches tall from the ground.

Their coloring is also almost identical especially when they have almost similar-sized spots crossed their bodies.

Because of their similar sizes, people around them are often struggling to identify which one of them is the dog or the horse from afar.

The fact that they love hugging each other does not make the process of telling them apart easier.

“The questions I get most about the pair of them is ‘which one is the horse’ or ‘is that a really big dog or a really tiny horse,’ ” the Texas-based animals’ owner Ilonka, told SWNS.

Ilonka shared that Skye was not always so concerned about other animals.

The dog used to be scared of the big horses and would often stay away from them. But Skye’s reaction to Fudge is different.

“Skye definitely has a different relationship with Fudge and my other mini horses than my first Great Dane,” the owner added.

“She’s always looking to hang out with Fudge, and they’re always playing or hugging each other. Skye adores him and wants to be around Fudge all the time.”

Ilonka brought Fudge home three years before she got Skye.

The horse is now 12 years old while Skye is only more than a year old.

Despite their age gap, the two animals are bonding with each other and proved that connecting with animals from another species is not impossible. S

kye and Fudge are proof of that and their friendship is quite amazing.

Ilonka shares photos of Skye and Fudge while they hang out thru her Instagram account.

Her posts are met with comments of awe and love for both animals. They are absolutely adorable!

See the adorable duo in action in the video below!

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source: animal channel