Dog ‘Fights Off Sleep’ Like A Human In Video That Has Us In Stitches(VIDEO).

Everyone has experienced getting sleepy at an inconvenient time. Perhaps you experienced a wave of fatigue while attending your child’s elementary school play, or staying up late the night before resulted in you nodding off at a business meeting. In this humorous video, we show that one dog understands the feeling.

A yellow Labrador and his family can be seen in a video recently posted by the TikTok user @moximoments. The dog is lying on the couch. In the video, the dog frequently nods off for a little time while fighting off sleep. Watch the video to see this hilarious scene!

@moximoments She’s really putting up a good fight 🥹😂 #sleepydogs #viral #cutepets ♬ I’m Only Sleeping – 2022 Mix – The Beatles

This is too nice, LOL. We are cracking up at the puppy’s head nodding and narrowing eyes as he begins to nod off. We hope that after watching this clip, he was able to get some rest!

People who commented on the article felt a connection to this dog. Those drowsy moments will sneak up on you unexpectedly, as @jordancarver35 joked, “Where did you find this footage of me in high school?” and @mnky74 added, “This is my wife 5 minutes after we spent 30 minutes trying to agree on something to watch.”


Others thought this was simultaneously incredibly cute and very amusing. @user7241273149957 said, “That is so funny thank you for sharing!” and @mastrziggy remarked, “Oh my damn! This is the absolute best thing I have seen all week!” We can’t think of a better video!

It looked like this dog was ready for a good night’s sleep. He had to have been watching something pretty significant if he was making such an effort to stay awake. This dog surely slept like a log after going to bed.


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