Persistent puma crawls in man’s bed and does everything she can to wake him up

We have heard many stories about rescued pets and animals and we love how the unsung heroes share these stories with us.

But rescuing a Puma and deciding to bring it home as a house pet is quite unusual, right?

Well, for this couple, this is a dream come true.

To be woken by a big cat.

Meet Messi

According to an article published by My Modern Met, Messi was sick when he was just three months old.

The organization where Messi was living couldn’t let her go to the wild because pumas were not native to Russia and might die in the forest.

Another option was to let him transfer to another sanctuary but it is not possible due to his health issues.

The organization planned to euthanize Messi.

Maria and Aleksandr Dmitriev, both trained psychologists, heard the news about Messi.

They wanted to keep Messi because first, this is one of Aleksandr’s dreams, to own a big cat, and second because they fell in love with Messi.

So, the couple rushed to the center and asked if they could adopt Messi.

They were surprised the center agreed.

The couple brought young Messi home and started nursing the beautiful creature back to health.

And they succeeded in providing the best life for Messi.

15 Million Views

As of now, the couple shares updates about Messi through Instagram and Youtube.

Like this video where Messi woke up Aleksandr because he wants to go outside.

Aleksandr pretends that he doesn’t want to wake up yet.

But Messi is persistent.

With 15 million views, we know that Messi is an internet sensation.

The Youtube Channel named I AM PUMA already has 2.2 Million followers and the Instagram account has 1.8 Million followers.

Maybe because Messi is not a usual pet.

The couple agreed that Messi is a unique animal.

According to them, Messi is a very affectionate cat.

He does not bite.

He also doesn’t wreck their furniture.

Messi loves to be stroked.

They go outside to walk and burn his energy. The cat eats meat products with a balanced diet.

Messi also goes to behavioral training up to three times a week, just like many conventional pets.

The couple shared a reminder.

Even though they have a cougar at home and even with intense training, the couple does not recommend keeping this kind of pet at home.

They remind the public that Messi is a unique and well-behaved cougar that happened to need their help.

So as of the moment, be content with the videos and photos that this couple is uploading to their social media accounts.

Because this unique family loves to share their bonding moments with us.

See Messi work his magic on dad to get him up for the day in the video below!

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