Here’s How You Teach A Dog Sign Language (VIDEO)

Teaching dogs commands in sign language would allow any specially-abled dog owner to communicate with one another. However, nowadays, many people train their dogs in both sign & verbal languages.

Dog learning sign language

Dogs usually have good eyesight, so learning sign language provides a backup if your pet does not understand the verbal language. Recently, a dog trainer, Laura London, was on a mission to help Igor, who was hearing-impaired.

London had decided to help the specially-abled owner by training his dog to understand his commands. Earlier, he had adopted a rescue dog, whom he named Susie. London wanted to make the owner understand how service dogs behave.

Dog learning sign language

She had also decided to help Susie understand when to assist Igor. So she trained the little dog to assist Igor in knowing when the doorbell or his phone rang. But, of course, she started the training with the owner first.

London’s main objective was to turn the rescue dog into a service dog who would help his owner whenever he needed it. She had brought in an interpreter named Jack, as Igor had hearing and speech impairment. Jack would interpret everything she was going to teach him. The trick she was going to use was called “The clicker.”

Dog learning sign language

London advised Igor to hold the clicker in one hand and press it with the finger. This exercise taught Susie that when she heard a click sound, it meant a reward. It would also signify that she had done the right thing. Later, she asked Igor to follow the same steps she had taught him with Susie.

Later, she taught Igor the dog-sign language. London showed Igor how he could get his pet to understand his command, “Sit & Lay down. However, London knew it was a big challenge to teach a dog about assisting the deaf. She gave them some homework and told them she would return soon with advanced training.