Orphaned bears love starting the day with a wrestling match

In most cartoons and media, bears are portrayed as bumbling, playful creatures. Icons like Winnie the Pooh spent their time eating honey and relaxing with their other forest friends. But this video of a pair of bears showed a different favored pastime.

When most people think of bears, they think of them as terrifying, powerful beasts. While bears are wild creatures, moments like these show that they like to have fun too.

At first glance, it might look like these two bears, Jenny and Amy, were unhappy with each other. After staring at one another, Jenny and Amy rose onto their back legs and started sparring.

Orphaned bears

But there is no need to worry about these two bears. The caretakers at Orphaned Wildlife Center were not concerned. This was how Jenny and Amy liked to play with each other.

Like a pair of excitable dogs tousling in their living room, these two bears loved playing like this. In fact, their wrestling matches were a regular feature at the rescue center.

Orphaned bears

Even though their shoves and bites seemed dangerous, Jenny and Amy had a great time. If this is how they treated those they loved, we would hate to see how the bears are with the ones they do not like.

Watching these two bears play shows how powerful these creatures can be. If you enjoy seeing animals play or are a fan of wrestling matches, check out this cute video of these two orphaned bears.

Source : madlyodd.com