The Smallest Parrot you have ever seen (VIDEO)

How far would you go to save a life? It’s not a question we often come to reflect on. But now that it’s presented to you give it a go and think about how you’ll answer that.

While you reflect on a question, here’s a guy who went above and beyond to save a life. Not a human’s life but that of a tiny egg he found in a pet shop.

His story shows how humans should be more appreciative of life, especially in our role in the ecosystem. He showed us how to make an impossible task possible with sheer hard work paired with a few sacrifices we had to make.

A Tiny Egg without a Mother

YouTuber Alwyn Wills is known for his channel,’ A Chick Called Albert.’ He produces videos about different kinds of birds – from being an egg until they can fly. His fascination for this species shows in every video he has.

One video that caught people’s hearts was one of his visits to the pet store. He came in there, all business as usual until he noticed something interesting in one of the cages.

Alwyn saw a male parakeet but not a female one. The store owner said she had sold the female parakeet already, which meant the egg was left without a mother to take care of it.

He recognized that the egg would require much attention and care to survive. So, he asked the store owner if he could take the egg home which she agreed. That was the start of Alwyn’s mission to save the parakeet’s life.

From Hatching to Flying

Alwyn placed the egg in a matchbox and took it to his incubator. He put it there until it showed a sign of life, a heartbeat, after four days. Since then, the egg grew bigger, and Alwyn had to turn the egg thrice a day.

The egg started to hatch on the 19th day as it broke in half, and inside, it was the tiniest chick he ever saw. It slowly broke out of the shell while Alwyn had to help the chick cut his umbilical cord. Its chance of survival was looking great.

Then, the next problem was how to feed it. He took time to research how he could provide the chick with the best nutrients possible, and he saw that he could create a milk solution to feed it.

Alwyn tried to mix some milk for the tiny chick and feed it using a spoon. He wanted to see if the baby parakeet would peck or drink from it, and it eventually did!

The baby parakeet soon started to grow – feathers and all. It was one of the most beautiful birds Alwyn had taken care of. He waited until he learned how to fly before he reunited with his father.

The day finally came, and it was as if they were getting to know each other. Alwyn thought the two recognized each other – like a human parent would recognize one’s child even if they had just met.

Now we know why this is one of his viewers’ favorite videos. He gambled on taking care of a tiny egg, and it paid off when he saw how it grew and came to meet his father.

Watch the entire process in the video below.