Mom transforms daughter’s wheelchair into Cinderella’s carriage – it even glows in the dark

There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to put a smile on the face of our children.
Sometimes, of course, it’s the simple things that go the furthest towards making them happy. Children often don’t need the latest toy, nor expensive trips to Disney World or a wardrobe full of flashy new clothes.

No, if there’s one thing my time as a parent has taught me, it’s that children are just fine so long as they receive the love and attention they’re deserved of from their mother and father.

When Halloween was approaching a few years back, one mom, Tiffany Breen, knew that she wanted to make the occasion extra special for her 3-year-old daughter, Roslyn.

Credit / Twitter
Little Roslyn was born with a muscular condition that has left doctors stumped – one that sees her wheelchair bound.

As per reports, Tiffany explained: “Roslyn is officially undiagnosed at this point — we have exhausted science.

“She falls under an umbrella description called arthrogryposis, which means joint contractures and poor muscle tone.”

Despite facing obvious challenges in life, Roslyn is just like any other child. She likes to laugh and have fun, and looks forward to the holidays. With Halloween coming up, Tiffany didn’t want her daughter to feel left out in any way, and so devised the cleverest of costumes for her to wear.

“Roz is forever my little princess,” Tiffany explained. “And she loves Disney, so we knew Cinderella was something she’d really want.”