Couple Saves Abandoned Baby Found in Their Shed (VIDEO)

According to reports, a Texas man over the weekend left his infant daughter in a backyard shed before allegedly driving off in a stolen truck.

A guy with an infant enters the shed at a Livingston house on the basis of a home surveillance video.

The guy allegedly spent several hours in the shed with the youngster before abandoning her there and robbing the couple’s neighbor’s truck.

The father wasn’t in the right mind.

Early on Saturday morning, Katharine and John McClain heard a noise. A man was allegedly trying to enter their vehicles by yanking on door knobs when they viewed their surveillance cameras.

He is allegedly caught on camera taking a neighbor’s automobile, after which the McClains were informed. Everyone believed the incident was over when the neighbors phoned the police.

The couple’s dog was restless.

The McClains discovered that their dog, Archie, was acting abnormally and barked at something within the shed after further analyzing the videotape. When John McClain went to the shed to see, he was shocked to see that a baby was there.

“When I opened it up (the shed’s door), the baby was laying right by the motorcycle right there,” he recalled of the incident.

They immediately called 911.

Because there was a baby in the shed, John McClain yelled to call 911. She believed it to be an animal initially rather than a person.

Emergency personnel was notified, and they cleared her to pick up and hold the infant. She is shown holding the infant as it is covered in a towel.

The baby was then rushed to the hospital.

Emergency personnel transported her to a hospital in the Houston region. She is expected to recover well, thankfully.

Security footage of the McClains shows the father holding the child before going into the shed. Before abandoning her and stealing the neighbor’s car, it is said that he spent a number of hours inside with the youngster.

It was clear he wasn’t in a normal state.

The family wants to wait until law enforcement has had a chance to study the video before sharing it.

Near the railroad lines that are located behind the McClains’ house, the authorities discovered the stolen truck with the baby’s father inside.

He was arrested and lodged in the Polk County Jail on suspicion of endangering or abandoning a kid.

Indeed, this is such an unforgivable act from the father. The infant’s mother is finally with her baby and has expressed her immense gratitude to the couple for saving her baby.

Check out the video below to see how the McClains found the infant.

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