Kitten and little duck are The cutest couple you’ve ever seen (VIDEO)

Ducklings are adorable, but they can also be a handful.

That’s because ducklings are known for being very energetic and curious.

And, in fact, they’re actually more active than most other bird species.

Because of this, it’s no wonder that one duckling, in particular, found itself so engrossed with his new friend.

It found a friend in a kitten.

The duck and kitten have a lot in common. Both are sweet, adorable, and fluffy.

For this reason, they can definitely be the best of friends.

The duck has its own unique personality as well.

It’s curious about the world around it, which means that every time they get close to something new, it tries to figure out what it is by poking at it with its beak.

This is where it all started.

In a video, a tiny duckling is seen poking its beak at the tiny kitten.

They’re both reciprocating the love.

It’s so adorable to watch how they look so at peace snuggling with each other despite being completely different animals.

Their special bond is evident.

The benefits of animal bonds are numerous, but perhaps the most important is that they strengthen the ecosystem.

When an animal develops a bond with another member of another species, it can open up a whole new world for them.

It results in something so beautiful.

For example, if you’ve ever seen a cat become friends with a dog or vice versa, then you already know how special these relationships can be.

The same goes for other types of animals as well: dogs with cats or even frogs or birds.

In fact, this practice has been observed throughout history.

From ancient Egypt to modern times, whereby different types of animals were paired together for entertainment purposes like zoos or circuses.

The development of these friendships is always exciting to watch.

We know that these relationships can benefit both parties involved in terms of mental health.

While this has been long recorded, seeing a duckling and a kitten form this bond is quite rare.

And this makes the video even more satisfying to watch.

Not only are these animals adorable, but the bond they have formed is incredible.

Even viewers enjoyed the clip.

“These videos are little works of art – the filming is beautiful and there is NO MUSIC so that we just really feel the intimacy of the moment — the precious creatures communing with one another. Just precious,” one commenter wrote.

Another one posted,

“SO glad you let natural sounds emanate! No background music, no pompous narration! Just a beautiful witness of these two delightful God’s creatures, in loving harmony!”

“This video proves sleepiness is infectious, the duck made the kitten sleepy, and watching this video also made me a bit sleepy,” another comment said. “Such cute animals. Make sleep, not war.”

We just hope these adorable animals live such long and beautiful lives.

See these adorable playmates doing what they do best in the video below!

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