Dogs can’t contain their joy when school bus picks them up each morning

Every day the “students” of EZ Dog Stay and Place get to ride their school bus to spend the day playing with their friends and having fun.

Evan Zwerneman says that getting a school bus to pick up and drop off his clients is the best business decision he’s ever made.

Zwerneman says he always had a passion for animals. He decided that he wanted to not only make a career out of it but start his own business in Austin, Texas.

He left the vet clinic he was working at and started EZ Dog Stay and Play in 2019.

His first daycare had four dogs and it grew from there.

He now cares for up to 50 to 75 dogs each day. He also has a waitlist of up to 95 dogs.

“I love what I do and can not believe my passion has turned into my career,” Zwerneman told VoyageAustin.

Zwerneman would offer transportation for his clients to pick the dogs up in the morning and then drop them off at the end of the day.

He decided to have his vans wrapped to look like school buses. But people kept asking him when he was going to get an actual school bus.

So, he finally started looking for one.

“I was just piddling around and looking online for some and this one became available nd it was a really good deal. And so I checked it out and I had a mechanic check it out and I ended up buying it,” Zwerneman told Happily. “And it’s been the best decision I’ve probably made with my business.”

And everyone got such a kick out of it.

That school bus picks up about 15 to 20 dogs every morning.

The dogs absolutely love when the bus arrives and they get to climb on board and sit with their friends before having a full day of fun.

“They all have their best friends their cliques if you will. We have the bubbles, the kiddy pools, the constant toys, the balls being thrown. We have a ball launcher, an automatic ball launcher,” Zwerneman said.

EZ Dog Stay and Play offers animals a special type of enrichment that they wouldn’t otherwise get.

“The majority of my dogs live in an apartment and when you have a 700 sq. ft. efficiency, they don’t have a yard space, they don’t get a lot of stimulation during the week.

So really getting to get out and get to see other dogs and do what they love to do and socialize and get to play is really the best part of their day, in my opinion,” Zwerneman said.

The dog gets to roam around a large sprawling space and even play with a potbelly pig and see horses.

Zwerneman now has five dog buses.

The buses are often in the shop in order to keep them running well. With gas costs, insurance, and maintenance, they get quite costly to upkeep.

However, Zwerneman said his dog bus pick-up and drop-off service made his business unique.

Watch the video below to see how much these dogs love getting picked up for “school!”

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