Tiny hummingbird falls in love with the rescue dog that saved her

It’s surreal to see some things come full circle.

As we go about our days, we often miss the consequences of our actions.

We shrug off some of our good deeds just because we know it’s the right thing to do.

It will never cross our mind that this will come back to us in the most heartwarming of ways.

A dog owner experienced a full circle when his dog came to the aid of a hurting animal.

They never expected the story that would come out of it.

Ed Gernon was walking with his dog Rex when they spotted something unusual.

He noticed that Rex stopped at a certain spot and was in a mood that can only be described as a mix between curiosity and concern.


Gernon then investigated the thing that got his dog’s attention in a deadlock.

It turns out, Rex saw a hummingbird.

The tiny animal was “very tiny” and “very sick.”

Or at least that’s how Gernon described the animal.

He said that Rex stopped and wouldn’t budge, and it may have frustrated Gernon because he believes that the bird was a goner.


“I mean it’s tiny and it’s dead as far as I’m concerned. It’s covered in ants. It’s got no feathers,” he told CBS.


He was about to leave it alone when he noticed that Rex was not moving.

He said that if Rex was willing to protect a little fragile creature, shouldn’t he go beyond the distance and try saving it?

Following his dog’s adamant concern, they took the little bird with them.

Over the following days, Gernon was hands-on when it came to helping the little bird recover.

He fed the bird a special formula every 15 minutes for the whole day.

This is because hummingbirds have one of the highest metabolism rates.

Failing to eat on time will affect their survival.

He even taught the bird some basic functions.

The most important of which is the ability to fly, which he taught her using a hair dryer.

As Hummer the hummingbird grew, she became more attached to Gernon and Rex.

In a series of videos Gernon posted on YouTube, he showed the Rex and Hummer’s dynamics.

It would seem that Hummer didn’t forget the role Rex played in saving her and so she always wanted to be close to the dog.


He would fly and hover around Rex. Sometimes, she’d use his drinking bowl to play or bathe in the water.

Rex doesn’t mind, though, and it was something Gernon wanted to show people.

He adopted Rex, the German shepherd mix, just months before rescuing Hummer.

He said that taking Rex in was a big undertaking because he was “dangerous.”

Rex’s perceived temperament was caused by years of living in the streets where one should be willing to do everything to survive.

And so, it was a real teaching moment not only for Gernon but for others who saw this story.

Life is about giving and believing in second chances.

And as Gernon saved Rex, Rex, in turn, saved Hummer.

The circle of kindness and compassion is now complete.

Learn more about this adorable story in the video below!

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