They grinned gratefully after saving the puppy who was tethered on the porch.

A dog was discovered by a man who, after returning home to Detroit, noticed a dog chained in a neighbor’s backyard .

Faced with the emotional scene, the man began frantically calling various rescue groups for help. Luckily, Rebel Dogs Detroit answered the call and quickly dispatched a volunteer.

The dog chained in the backyard couldn’t believe it was finally rescued.

Tiffany Perkins approached this place , far from imagining that she would find a completely vulnerable dog, her gaze could only express sadness and desolation.

Perkins felt his heart break into a thousand pieces. In this regard, one volunteer commented:

“Beaker is very shy and will hide behind the garage . He popped his face out when I started calling him.

As I got closer, its tail started wagging.

Then he pushed his weight on us to stroke it, and seemed visibly relieved . I was so excited we called it the Beaker! “

Although the dog was scared at first, gradually he began to trust his rescuers .

Just a caress from Perkins was enough for the puppy to relax completely, without a doubt, he had recognized that they were good people and was excited to be released .

“When the garage chain came loose, he dropped to the ground to get his belly rubbed , kiss him and let’s play for a bit,” Perkins said.

Unfortunately, the chain was very tight around the dog’s neck , that area was very injured, visibly he had been chained for a long time so they could not remove it until they arrived at the veterinary clinic, where they checked him and performed all the pertinent tests.

His situation was quite delicate, so they had to schedule surgery to remove the chain .

His neck had a heavy chain that severely injured his skin. Despite the pain that the dog could feel, he did not stop smiling

As it was time for surgery, Perkins had plenty of time to pamper the sweet little dog , finally getting all the love he had been denied.

“We had a lot of bonding time in the car waiting for her surgery for over 5 hours . After a while, he was napping with his head in my lap,” Perkins said.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success, his recovery process was spent in a foster home .

For the first time he was enjoying a real home, he just seemed like the happiest dog in the world .

Although the past of this adorable ball of fur is marked by pain, what really matters is that he is enjoying a present full of love and kindness , next to incredible people who gave him a new opportunity and watch over his well-being. Perkins commented:

“He is learning to be an indoor dog with unconditional love in his foster home.”

Beaker is still training to be that educated and loving puppy that adds happiness to a family.

He is a very energetic furry so he will love being part of a home where there is another puppy with whom he can drain all his energy.

His happiness is the best gift for those who bet on saving his life and giving him a new chance.

Currently, he continues to enjoy all the care and love that his adoptive parents gave him . It’s only a matter of time before this beautiful dog can find the permanent family he so deserves.

If you want to know the gaze of gratitude and unconditional love, adopt a defenseless puppy. You will have a furry guardian angel who will love and care for you more than you can imagine.

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