Starving pup found on the street meets a best friend just like him whose love helps him heal

Some of the best dog rescue stories start at animal hospitals.

It’s where you’ll find many rescued strays or former house pets end up.

They might show up worse for wear but then get right back on their feet with the help of the people there.

This one’s no different.

Here, the star of our story is Travolta.

He’s a dog who found himself in the Kentucky Animal Hospital when he was dangerously skinny.

Travolta was so underweight that he couldn’t stand up by himself. He was lucky to have even been dropped off at the animal hospital.

Travolta was found on the roadside by an Uber driver who took him to the hospital.

Imagine if the driver hadn’t seen him. Poor Travolta would have seen his last days starving on that roadside.

No one could sign the forms for Travolta to receive care since he had no owner.

So receptionist Emily Bewley signed in place of an owner.

The dog arrived there with feces all over his body, matted fur, and most concerningly – very little muscle or fat on him.

He was also covered in nasty pressure sores.

The poor thing. The Kentucky Humane Society said in their own words:

“He is severely emaciated with a body scale score of 1 out of 9, the lowest body scale possible for an animal, which puts him in danger of death by starvation. He weighs a mere 14 pounds and should weigh at least 30 pounds.”

Indeed, Travolta was fighting for his life.

It’s not known if he came from a previous home or if he was born on the streets.

Either way, the streets and roads of the US are rough places for any animal.

It’s a miracle he was found before he could have been run over by a vehicle.

It was Bewley who gave him the name “Travolta.”

The reason being that “this guy was staying alive.”

A pretty cute name that I’m sure the dog would appreciate more if he saw Saturday Night Fever.

Travolta eventually made a recovery with the help of an IV drip and antibiotics.

He regained all that important weight and seemed like he’d be ready for adoption soon.

Bewley wanted Travolta to find a new home, but she already had an idea of what kind of home she wanted for him.

Whenever someone would come to see Travolta, Bewley would refuse to let Travolta go home with them.

“Nothing was good enough for Travolta in my mind,” she said.

But who would be good enough for Travolta then? Well, no one else but Bewley herself. She’d grown attached to Travolta.

The shelter veterinarian became Travolta’s new mom.


She introduced him to her home and the other dogs who already live with her.

Travolta came a long way from that roadside where he almost didn’t make it.

The little dog even found a friend there who was a lot like him.

Another dog named Ethan was also at the shelter.

Ethan’s story was strikingly similar to Travolta’s.

Ethan also came to the shelter nearly starving to death. His bones showed through his skin, and he needed the same IV fluid treatment that little Travolta received.

Travolta and Ethan bonded over their similar stories and it made for an adorable photo that the Kentucky Humane Society shared.

He now has a loving home and family, thanks to an Uber driver who was just doing the right thing.

See this adorable duo’s first time meeting each other in the video below!

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