Elephant melts over 11 million hearts with adorable way it interacts with little girl

Ever tried to touch an elephant?

Are you curious about what it feels like to play with them?

The little girl in this video doesn’t have to guess or wonder. She knows first-hand.

11 million views and counting.

Over 11.4 million people have watched this cute video posted by Lohit Bora.

And whether you are a fan of elephants or not, this bonding moment between an innocent girl and a loving elephant will melt the heart.

The video featured a kid happily playing with an elephant.

It didn’t matter that the animal is 10 times bigger than her.

Since she was born in a place where elephants are part of their family, this little girl played with the elephant like it was her best friend.

The girl gives the elephant a banana and other food, and the elephant graciously accepts.

The elephant is so patient with her.

They play like real siblings.

One of the followers shared that this is also the thing she observed in the video, the elephant patiently waiting for the kid to give the food.

The elephant can reach the food yet she waits for her playmate.

This isn’t their first video together.

The Lohit Bora channel consistently shares videos of the young girl playing with different elephants.

You’ll also see her taking a bath with the elephants.

Every day, this little kid loves to be with the elephants in their town.

A beautiful creature indeed.

According Learn Animals, captive-born elephants view humans as members of their family.

Since they are self-aware beings, they recognize their own power and make appropriate use of it while engaging with people.

Their habit of softly stroking individuals with their trunks serves as a way for them to interact with others.

Elephants are sociable creatures that care for and protect one another by living in herds, avoiding danger together, and providing emotional support for one another.

When humans are involved, elephants are known to accept them into the herd and treat them with affection since they build strong familial relationships with them.

Protecting elephants at all costs

According to World Wide Life, over the past century, elephant populations have significantly decreased across Africa and Asia.

Asian elephant populations are most at risk from habitat loss and subsequent human-elephant conflict, while African elephant numbers are most at risk from poaching for the illegal ivory trade.

That is why the community or families such as this little girl’s are very important for the existence of the elephants.

Because they know how to take care of and love these sweet and gentle giants.

See how gently this elephant entertains a little girl in the video below!

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