Amazon delivery driver hailed a hero for saving three puppies from burning home

Usually, people are happy to see Amazon drivers approaching their homes because it means that something they have ordered is coming to them.

Who doesn’t love receiving parcels?

But besides that, many a time Amazon drivers have been hailed as heroes for going above and beyond to help others during their shifts.

A few weeks ago, an Amazon driver was praised for running into a burning home and saving a family in danger, some time ago, another one helped to find a baby that was abandoned after a carjacking.

And the most recent case was that of a young woman who was doing her shift as an Amazon delivery driver and realized a house was on fire.

Angelina, who just happened to be driving by the one-story house in Lake City, about 60 miles west of Jacksonville, noticed that the house was on fire, so she immediately called 911.

Thanks to Angelina’s quick action, the firefighters arrived at the scene on time to save the three dogs that were trapped inside the house.

The homeowner, Lauren Sutton, who lives in the house with her 7-month-old daughter and their three dogs, was not at home at the time of the incident, so the pets wouldn’t have made it if Angelina hadn’t called the emergency services.

“During a structure fire yesterday, 3 puppies were saved and revived from smoke inhalation. Thank you to the Amazon driver who noticed the smoke and called 911. Since the homeowner was not at home at the time, she saved the home and the puppies lives!” the Columbia County Fire Rescue posted on Facebook.

Indeed, the dogs Winnifred, age 3, Quinny, 4, and Zoey, 7, suffered smoke inhalation, but they were revived by rescuers on the scene, and they were then taken to a veterinarian to check on them.

“They are still hospitalized and Boston Terrier Fescue of Florida has organized a fundraiser for their increasing vet bills.” Sutton told USA TODAY. “We are hoping they will get to come home within the next couple days.”

Not only Lauren, but also her mother posted on social media about being beyond grateful to the delivery driver for her alertness and kindness.

The young woman said that she’s “eternally grateful” to Angelina and she could never thank her enough for saving her “babies”.

Sutton’s mother also took to social media to express her appreciation for the young woman’s kindness.

While firefighters managed to save the injured pups and limit the fire in one room of the house, Sutton and her daughter still had to be displaced because of the extended damage of the place.

Hundreds of people expressed their relief the dogs were saved and praised Angelina in the comments below the CCFR’s post.

“I to am so grateful they were saved by a hero Amazon driver. From a owner of a Boston thanks forever,” someone wrote.

What a heartwarming story! This is definitely a reminder that there’s still hope and that there are still good people out there.

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