His family, whom he would never see again, was far away on a rock in the middle of the ocean.

When we see puppies clinging to the only shelter they’ve found after being abandoned in their own gear, our hearts break into a thousand pieces.

But, the truth is that not everything is as it seems, and many times they end up in ruins for reasons beyond their owners’ control.

Every country has its unforgettable realities, and because of its impact, it has been captured in the minds and hearts of its inhabitants as a bitter memory that they have overcome.

This is one of those stories that, even though it happened 3 years ago, has transcended time for all it symbolizes that time .

It all started in July 2018 , when the Greek town of Mati suffered a raging forest fire that not only left material damage but also caused human casualties: 87 people died and 170 others were injured. .

The seaside town has fallen into a state of utter devastation leaving its inhabitants extremely painful.

Since then, many stories have emerged from that devastating episode; some are beyond fiction, but without a doubt, others are certainly so real that it reminds us of the horrors experienced by the local people and animals .

Lua is an adorable dog who has conquered everyone’s hearts after managing to overcome the terror of the llamas and find refuge in one of the least imaginable places.

The dog’s family boarded a boat and evacuated the area, but first they did everything to locate her without success.

They desperately searched for her before giving it all up for lost

After days of incessant searching, the dog was finally found out to sea clinging to a firm rock that was the best shelter and comfort for the skittish dog.

She was seen by a rescue group that was located on the coast, who did not hesitate to go to her rescue. Alone, very dirty and scared, she was rescued and transferred to a veterinary clinical center .

Mati, the summer place to enjoy with family and friends, was burned.

A relative of the dog commented that Lua was very frightened by the flames and ran away without the possibility of being reached by her owners .

It is believed that the little dog ran very quickly towards the sea, where she then swam as far as her strength would allow towards the rock, to try to protect herself from the fire . A local photographer captured the emotional image and it quickly became a trend.

Curled up and full of fear, she found refuge and comfort in a rock.

Family members desperately searched for the dog but all attempts were in vain.

It was not until activists and animal lovers shared the images on the networks that a reunion with those who had thought they had already lost her forever was possible.

StreetDogs in Volos-Grece , the group responsible for uniting Lua with her owners, seeing that many criticized the family for having evacuated without her, wanted to clarify the true situation. And they highlighted:

“She was found by her people! Her name of hers is Lua! She was not allowed to die, her family loves her. They didn’t know what to do in the midst of the chaos.”

Deep in her heart, Lua never stopped trusting that one day she would hug those she loves the most.

Lua’s story became a ray of hope in those overflowing days . Today reminds us that even when we think we’ve lost everything and feel completely alone, someone will come gently and bring new opportunities.

We celebrate a beautiful ending for Lua. She suffered a lot during her abandoned days, but she deserves to be back with her.

Source : fancy4work.com