Dog steals fake teeth off table and wears them proudly around the house

Dogs are always hilarious.

Just by being their normal selves, they always make us humans laugh. Sometimes, it even seems that they realize what they’re doing. And one dog nicknamed Toothy Thomas seems to fall into that category.

Meet Thomas, otherwise known as Toothy Thomas.

This little guy from Michigan was thrown into fame when his owner, Ben Campbell, posted a hilarious video of his pooch onto YouTube.

Ben, who works as a psychologist, had bought a pair of fake joke teeth to give himself a few laughs during the pandemic. However, his little joke ended up being better than he ever could have imagined.

The video, which now has over two million views, shows Ben’s reaction as he comes across Thomas looking absolutely hilarious.

Ben had left his joke teeth on a table without a second thought. But his hilarious pooch had picked the teeth up in his mouth and had somehow managed to end up wearing them himself!

How did he know how to do this?

Ben is laughing so much he can hardly speak as he approaches Thomas while filming.

He tries to get a good shot of Thomas, but the little pooch is pretty intent on staying far back away from reach, just in case Ben tries to ruin his fun.

What’s even more hilarious is that Thomas clearly doesn’t understand what’s so funny. In his head, this is just a normal doggy day for him. He’s just holding something in his mouth like he always does, right?

He looks adorably confused as his owner says between laughter, “Thomas, what are you doing?”

In response, Thomas simply stares at his owner with his wide toothy grin, and it’s impossible for any of us to keep a straight face.

Thomas may be confused, but there’s one thing he’s learned from past experience.

Sometimes, he might pick up something in his mouth that he shouldn’t have. Something that his owner tries to take off him.

But this isn’t going to be the case today.

Thomas’ determination to hang onto his new set of pearly whites as he tries to dodge and avoid Ben makes this video quite possibly even funnier.

We’ve watched this video on repeat and it just doesn’t stop being funny!

This pup brightened his dad’s day during some tough days. We’re so glad Ben decided to share this with the world — it’s truly impossible not to smile while watching Toothy Thomas run around.

Check out the silly video for yourself below!

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