Tiny kitten melts 1.4M hearts trying to befriend Golden Retriever

This is Bailey, an adorable Golden Retriever born on January 17, 2018. He’s got quite a following on social media and even his YouTube channel has near 500k subscribers.

So why don’t you add to that number? He even has his own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!

He is pretty popular for his many antics but Bailey can melt hearts too.

Like this sweet friendship he has with a tiny kitten who obviously loves a big companion.

Bailey and the kitten seem to be sharing the same lazy vibe. They lay there together staring at the camera and at times, at each other.

Have you ever seen two sets of such precious eyes?

Well, Bailey is definitely lazy, pretending to not have the energy to engage his tiny friend. But wait for it.

The kitten looks around then sniffs the dog’s snoot before slowly crawling over to Bailey’s boop, curious as to what that cold black thing is.

Such a friendly kitty but Bailey shifts and moves his head to the other side, almost as if saying he’s not in the mood.

Come on, dog!

But the curious cat snuggles up to Bailey’s left ear, sniffing and enjoying the warm fluff. Maybe the kitten can sense just how gentle this dog truly is!

And true enough, Bailey couldn’t resist.

He eventually wags his tail and sniffs his little buddy.

“It’s hard to know how Bailey felt about the kitten until he started to show his happiness by his gentle wagging tail ! That’s to say he was happy to have her around ! Love Bailey ! How cool he was !” a viewer commented.

Another viewer said,

“Bailey is so wonderful, warm and calm – and above all: so loving and patient. Also love to see him wagging his tail and all the good that radiates out from him, both to the kitten and also to us / the camera. Totally adorable! And so beautiful! Especially his eyes and his looking at us.”

And this golden doggo knows there’s a huge size difference so he goes about it very gently to avoid scaring or hurting the little kitty.

No wonder Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds!

Bailey lives in Costa del Sol, Spain, with his favorite human, Taras.

Taras is the one who shares videos of the big pup who by now is super famous.

His eyes and that wagging tail has helped this video garner over 1.4M views.

That kitten is a cute one too!

Don’t you just want to pick it up and kiss it?

Then move over to Bailey, hug him and give him a kiss too?

Yes you would! We would!

It doesn’t matter how bad your day was or how negative the news is.

All you need is a fluffy pet or two and the world immediately becomes a better place to live in.

Let your heart smile with this adorable video below!

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