Woman adopts dog that looks like seal pup and learns heart-wrenching back story

Ever seen a dog that looks kinda funny? Well, chances are it’s not just the looks. Whether its excessively droopy ears, a ton of skin folds, or a comically short snout, selective breeding has given us some of the silliest looking dogs.

But those silly looks come at a price. Usually, these dogs have a host of health issues ranging from their skeletons to their respiratory systems.

Oscar the dog has a host of anatomical complications thanks to selective breeding. He’s got a lot going on with his body.

His numerous quirky, and admittedly unhealthy, characteristics proved too much for the shelter. They intended to euthanize him.

Well, I’m thankful they didn’t euthanize little Oscar.

It was Bullied Breeds Rescue who came to save him. Oscar was in terrible shape when he was found.

The dog suffered from a limp, crusty eyes, cropped ears, and a nasty infection. Poor Oscar.

After his time at Bullied Breeds Rescue, Oscar was found and adopted by Kristin.

When Oscar found his new home, his family took to taking care of his health problems.

He was treated for the dirt, crust in his eyes, and his limp.

Oscar brought some new joy into the household. Though some of those health issues proved too severe to just ignore.

Namely, an ear infection he had seemed to have progressed to an incurable degree. Poor Oscar already had his ears cropped. It would seem fate wasn’t done with his ears.

He needed an operation to remove his ears entirely which left him deaf.

Still, it was better than letting the infection spread.

Oscar can’t hear a thing, but that hardly dampens his joy.

Though he can’t hear and looks a bit funny without ears, he can still play with his family.

And his family includes Ramona the Pitbull and Sprite the cat.

Oscar is quite fond of letting curtains and dangling fabric graze over his head. She calls it “slothing”.

It would seem like Oscar enjoys the sensation of the fabric. Or it feels like he’s being pet.

And boy, does Oscar love to do this. Since he can’t hear, Kristin might as well help him have the most fun possible with the slothing.

So she went out her way to put little slothing “points” around the house for him. This includes rugs, curtains, and even plants that let him do his thing.

It’s no doubt a bizarre way to have fun, but fun is still fun!

And to think that he was nearly euthanized back at the shelter!

Oscar is a living reminder of how much a home with a willing family can do for a dog.

He’s as happy as can be and has the best life he could ask for, in spite of his loss of hearing. Here’s to more years of Oscar with his family!

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