Persistent baby goat melts hearts trying to convince mama to play

There is a saying that a mother’s love is the same in any language. Do you agree?

Once we have kids, our priorities change.

Like superheroes, we take on the new challenge of raising a child, sometimes even setting aside our needs just to provide for our little ones.

Motherhood is beautiful and fulfilling.

It is not just us who feel this way. It’s safe to say that most mothers do this for the love of their children.

We are also talking about animals here.

Thanks to social media, we can come across viral videos of mothers showing their unconditional love for their offspring.

It’s just too beautiful to see a mother ape breastfeeding its young. How about a mommy Koala hugging her baby?

Now, if we’re so much alike, you might wonder, do their offspring also test their patience?

There have been many viral videos showing baby animals being persistent, silly, and playful.

What’s funny is that most of us would relate to the mother’s reaction.

If you have seen some of these videos, you’ll laugh at the sight of the mother’s reaction.




Some of them look unimpressed and tired, and others, are about to lose their patience.

We understand you, mom!

Seven years ago, the YouTube channel Cymeon Maksymalny posted a short but unforgettable video.

It showed a kid (goat) was trying its best to get its mother’s attention.

So, what does the mother do? Nothing.

In fact, she seemed tired and just wanted to take some time off and eat grass.

Think of it as a toddler who just ate chocolate and was out to get their mother’s attention.

Goatsonthego, a blog about sustainable agriculture, rural living, and practical conservation posted a hilarious yet informative blog last year.

In their blog, they talked about the different mothering styles of goats.

Some goats, after giving birth, will do their responsibilities such as cleaning and feeding them.

When they are all good, she stashes them somewhere to sleep while she grazes and drinks.

There are goats that may be too young to have kids since they would spend time with other does, while the kids are looking for her.

If her kids find her, that’s great. If not, better luck next time.

Like humans, there are also super mom goats that seem to have attended a seminar about goat parenting.

She’s the best there is!

However, like any mother, sometimes it gets tiring.

No matter how much we love our kids, there will be times when we won’t be interested in playtime.

This adorable kid tried to climb on her mother’s head, and bump its head while the mom goat ate.

When mom pushed her kid gently away, the little one became more determined!

She even jumped on her mother’s back, not just once but twice.

Finally, mom had enough.

The goat stood up and walked away. The kid looked confused at first, then it jumped and went to the mommy goat again.

Together, they walked away.

We’re pretty sure the mother goad will play with her kid, knowing how persistent her kid was.

Watch the adorable clip below!

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