Dad walks in and asks toddler about the sheepdog in his crib

A bond between a child and their animal companion is special and for keeps.

Plus a child, with their innocent outlook on life, doesn’t yet see the distinction between humans and their animal companions.

Just like this child.

The little boy, Grayson, just sees his dog as his playmate, and he has fun whenever she’s around.

And when Grayson’s dad comes in to check on him, he was surprised to see Pepper, their Old English Sheepdog, in the crib with him. But for Grayson, it was normal. It’s naptime and he wants to sleep with his dog beside him.


Pepper, eager to be with her human, jumps into the crib with him.

When the dad discovers the two of them in Grayson’s crib, he asks his son what Pepper was doing in his crib. He doesn’t say anything. Although, he is still learning his words so it’s difficult to explain the situation.

So Dad turns to Pepper and asks her the same question, and he was met with the same stunned silence.

It wasn’t until Dad told Grayson to say hi that he opened his mouth and spoke.


It looks like he does this a lot because their second dog wants to jump into the crib with the two of them!

Wonder what they play when the three of them are alone together?

It’s great that his parents introduced his animal siblings at a young age. There are so many benefits, after all, to growing up with and loving animal companions.


Caring for an animal improves the child’s self-esteem.

And he’ll grow more confident in his abilities to perform a good job. Plus he’ll feel more useful and look for ways to become more useful. They’ll feel more secure about themselves.

Respecting each other will teach the child to respect others around him as well. Not only that they will also learn to respect the environment and other beings.

Animal companions are also great emotional support, whether you’re a young child, teenager, or adult.


“The emotional ties with a pet animal help overcome feelings of fear and sadness, as a child will regularly turn to its dog or cat to cuddle it and find relief in such situations,” Affinity Foundation shared.

Living with and taking care of animal companions also helps the child maintain relationships with other people.

” The relation with pets therefore has a stabilising function in the child’s experience and behaviour, contributes to creating happiness and eliminates sadness and feelings of threat,” Affinity Foundation explained.

Great job introducing dogs into your son’s life at such a young age, Dad. He will learn so much about responsibilities, relationships, and challenges organically early in life.

And, at the very least, your little one is blessed to be surrounded by and filled with so much love.

Watch how Grayson and Pepper try to explain their situation to their dad when they get caught in the video below.

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