Man reaches out hand to help koala mama and baby stuck on the road

Koalas are one of the cutest animals in the world. These sweet creatures are always adorable to spot out in the wild in Australia.

But sometimes, they can end up in some tricky situations. That’s just what happened with a koala mom and baby who got stuck in the middle of a busy road.

As you may already know, koalas live in southern and eastern Australia and can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Australia is making massive efforts to preserve koalas’ natural habitat but unfortunately, accidents can’t always be avoided.

According to hospital records, about 300 koalas are killed on the roads of Southeast Queensland every year. Koalas are not easy to spot on the road and many of them are killed as a result.

It didn’t happen to this mom and her baby, thanks to the driver who stopped just in time to lead them away from the highway.

Koalas are best known for being sleepyheads and they sleep almost 20 hours a day!

Getting sleepy is not a good idea if you’re standing in the middle of a busy highway, though. In the video below, we see an adorable koala baby and its mom approaching our hero, as he attempts to shoo them away from the road.

It proved to be a challenge as these two fluffy fur bags seemed reluctant to leave! That’s no surprise considering that koalas are very friendly and love to cuddle!

These two adorable creatures eventually found their way back to the wild, and disaster was averted only thanks to a timely intervention by a responsible driver.

The past few years have been challenging for koalas. In particular, the 2020 wildfires in Australia devestated the koala population. Australia’s environment minister said that koalas are under threat.

There’s good news, however. Many koalas were saved from the burning inferno thanks to the efforts of volunteer firefighters.

“I get mail from all around the world from people absolutely moved and amazed by, number one, our wildlife volunteer response, and also by the habits of these curious creatures,” Ley said.

When bushfires devastated Australia and caused alarm all over the world, one firefighter jumped to the rescue.

Two koalas emerged from the bush to seek shelter from the fire and met Dale Adams who gave them water and led them back to safety.

“Up behind us there were a couple of houses under threat so we were working to protect them from ember attack,” he said. “They stepped out of the bush seeking help.”

The heartwarming images of Dale helping koalas were posted on social media and made everyone’s day.

It’s so wonderful that so many people are looking out for the koalas in Australia — including the man in the video. What a kind person.

Check out his kind act for the koalas in the video below!

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